Monday, December 16, 2013

Govt determination to improve lives impressive - Kabanda
By Misheck Wangwe in Kitwe
Sun 03 Nov. 2013, 14:01 CAT

SIMON Kabanda says the government's determination to improve the lives of many Zambians has been impressive.

Speaking at Kitwe's St Joseph Catholic Church in Buchi after a thanksgiving mass on the occasion of his 50th birthday, Kabanda who is Citizens Forum executive secretary said the change of government in 2011 had given many leaders an opportunity to contribute positively to national development.

He said many good things were happening in the country after a long time because of a leadership that had a heart for the people of Zambia.

"Regarding my life, some people have told me that Kabanda you have abandoned us, that these days I'm lukewarm about issues of governance, that I'm not speaking on behalf of the people and that maybe I just hated the MMD that's why after the change of government I have gone quiet.

My straight answer to all this is that I have not abandoned anybody. I have not abandoned the cause of justice...the change of government in 2011 has given us an opportunity to work hard to better the lives of many people, especially the poor," Kabanda said.

He said the energies that were being used to make constructive noise when there was a call for the change of government, have to be directed towards ensuring that the opportunities to better the lives of the people were fully utilised, so that the country could become a better place for everyone.
Kabanda said there was need to direct more energy towards promoting a culture of responsible citizens.

"As I am ageing now beyond 50 years old, my duty is to ensure that I participate actively and responsibly in bettering the lives of people. It is not time to simply speak on behalf of the people, it is time to work, to mobilise people into being more responsible citizens who should participate actively and responsibly in bettering the lives of others," Kabanda said.

And speaking in his homily during mass, Fr Peter Mwila commended Kabanda and a Catholic nun, Sr Mary Beti who were celebrating their 50th anniversary, to remain focused and determined in their work to serve the majority poor through promotion of human rights and the cause for social justice.

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