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(HERALD ZW) Incurable case of white hypocrisy
October 14, 2013 Wenceslaus Murape Mai Jukwa

Africa’s move to assert a collective position on the ICC has caused quite some discomfort in Western capitals. It is good for you, their NGO’s loudly proclaimed. Africa has no capacity to dispense its own justice, their surrogates lectured.Africans NEED the ICC. Such was the general thrust of Western conversation.

Not to be left out, the British Deputy Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Chris Brown, took to Twitter to quote Desmond Tutu, declaring that Africa’s leaders wanted a license to kill, main and oppress.

An American advocacy officer, one Jeffrey Smith, was equally excitable and declared that Desmond Tutu was his hero and a voice of reason in a sea of African madness. Not to be outdone, the British Ambassador, Deborah Bronnert, also weighed in on the matter also quoting Desmond Tutu.

A few issues arise. The first is the use of Uncle Tom blacks like Desmond Tutu to lend legitimacy to white arguments. Chris Brown was quick to embrace Tutu’s simplistic interpretation of Africa’s increasing hostile relationship with the ICC.

There could be no legitimate reason for wishing to pull out apart from a desire to get drunk on the blood of innocents. Tutu’s amateur prose and weak arguments were not interrogated, simply embraced.

It is curious that Mr Jeffrey Smith is agitated over Africa’s dealings with the ICC yet his own country, the United States, has not ratified the Rome Statute.

The hypocrisy stinks. Not only have they not ratified the statute, the Americans have actually passed legislation allowing for the use of military force to “rescue” any American if ever they are held by the court.

The law in question is the American Service Members’ Protection Act (ASPA) that was signed into law in 2008. The law prohibits co-operation with the ICC.

It includes a “Hague Invasion” clause that preauthorises authority to use military force to “free” Americans detained or imprisoned by the International Criminal Court. This is the American position on the ICC.

It is a hostile position. If the British Deputy Ambassador is ready to quickly embrace Tutu’s simplistic concoction of conjecture and cynicism masquerading as political insight, one would hope that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander.

Would Chris Brown equally quote an article suggesting the United States put ASPA in place because it wants a license to kill, maim and oppress? I think not.

The hypocrisy seems obvious to all but the offenders themselves. I have since entered a different regime of truth. I was previously of the opinion that white duplicity was conscious and deliberate. It is not.

White culture is inherently supremacist to the extent that white children are raised under the assumption of supremacy. This explains why Americans like Jeffrey Smith see no contradiction in lecturing Africans over the ICC when his own nation has not even ratified the Rome Statute.

In his rant, which was readily embraced by the Western media, Tutu argued that the ICC was an African court because it had African judges and an African Chief Prosecutor. This argument is nonsense.

It is one thing to be black, but quite another to represent an African position. The two are not synonymous. An example is Tutu himself and his equally pathetic colleague John Sentamu. White people have developed a very clever strategy of using servile blacks to push white arguments to give legitimacy to their actions.

They then jump up and down, pointing to these servile blacks as being representative of black opinion. This is a widely used technique. Consider the likes of Betty Makoni, who recently claimed that women in Zimbabwe were victims of genital mutilation. Makoni is hardly a thinker but she has been elevated by Western society into an individual of substance.

She is not. Whenever there is need for the West to express politically incorrect views these servile blacks are rolled out and given front-page coverage.

I always find it quite amusing to observe how these servile blacks are at pains to attack African inadequacy but fail to point out even the most egregious of Western violations. Desmond Tutu dutifully wails himself hoarse over the ICC but has said nothing of the drone attacks that have brutalised innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The servile Bishop has not called for those responsible for the Iraq war to be brought before the ICC. He has not publicly questioned why the United States refuses to ratify the Rome Statute. He will never ask these questions because he is not an impartial analyst but a paid piper.

This use of half-wit blacks to advance Western opinion is quite a serious challenge. Just a few weeks back we saw another useful nigger, one Arthur Gwagwa, brought in to testify before the United States House Foreign Affairs Committee.

His poorly considered views were used to rubber-stamp the continuation of sanctions. Welshman Ncube was not invited. Tendai Biti was not invited.

Arthur Mutambara was not invited. Miles Tendi was not invited. George Manyere was not invited. Instead, they saw it fit to invite a servile black that is of little note or accomplishment. In fact, Mr Gwagwa is the butt of cruel jokes within the Zimbabwean intelligentsia.

One must not imagine that the whites are unfamiliar with competent African minds. Far from it, they deliberately target the likes of Arthur Gwagwa and Betty Makoni. I spoke earlier of the unimpressive Makoni being elevated to pseudo-celebrity status by Western NGO’s despite her glaring inadequacy.

Morgan Tsvangirai quickly comes to mind. Consider the leaked American diplomatic cable in which Ambassador Christopher Dell expressed the need to remove the learned professor, Welshman Ncube, from the political stage, calling him a divisive figure.

In the same document the Ambassador accepts that Tsvangirai is of limited abilities but he does not express any desire to replace him.

Those blacks that want to “see too much” like Ncube are never promoted to the role of House Niggers.

Deborah Bronnert, Chris Brown, Jeffrey Smith and other offenders who have taken to this shameful white habit of quoting inadequate blacks must stop this condescending nonsense. Betty Makoni is not an informed analyst and should not be portrayed as such.

Desmond Tutu is not the voice of Africa and should not be portrayed as such; the majority does not share his views.

Ndini muchembere wenyu, Amai Jukwa.

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