Monday, December 30, 2013

(NEWZIMBABWE) Sikhala winds down MDC99, joins Madhuku

06/11/2013 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

FIERY former St Mary’s legislator and MDC99 leader Job Sikhala has dissolved his party and the joined new NCA political outfit led by university law lecturer, Lovemore Madhuku.

Sikhala told journalists at a press briefing Wednesday that he had been working with Madhuku since the constitutional referendum early this year.

“We have agreed that the MDC 99 merges with the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) to come out with one political movement that will contest power against the current political set up in our country,” he said.

“We realised our relationship is fruitful during the referendum when we advocated for the rejection of the then new draft constitution. As the MDC 99 we have decided to join hands with Professor Madhuku and we are now in the process of integrating our structures.

Asked what position he would be assuming in the NCA, Sikhala was however, evasive.
“We are sharing executive powers until the congress next year. The issue of positions will be resolved then.

“The entire MDC 99 executive and the National Taskforce of the NCA will be running the affairs of the party in the meantime. We are married by the same idea that gave us 179,000 votes at the referendum and we want to grow that number,” Sikhala said.

He said the NCA will be a social democratic party with Pan-Africanist leanings.
Of Madhuku, Sikhala said: “He is a sound man very nice to work with and we have had no any differences.

“Since we started working together during the period of the referendum up to present if there is any power hunger in him we will see as we move forward but at the present moment l haven’t yet noticed it.”

The NCA, which campaigned for a new constitution over the last 16 years, opposed the new charter adopted by the last coalition government, has since been transformed into a political party.

Sikhala, who served as secretary for defence and intelligence in the united MDC then led by Morgan Tsvangirai left the party along with then secretary general Welshman Ncube in the infamous October 2005 split.
He however did not stay long leaving to establish his own political outfit MDC 99.

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