Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sata has an agenda on PF wrangles - Bwalya
By Fridah Nkonde
Tue 22 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

ALLIANCE for Better Zambia president Frank Bwalya says his party is benefiting tremendously from the confusion happening in the PF. And Bwalya says wrangles in PF are being encouraged by President Michael Sata himself.

In an interview on Sunday, Bwalya said it was evident that President Sata wanted to achieve something which was not clear at the moment.

"He is trying to achieve something which is not clear at the moment, whether it is to get rid of the Kabimba group or to get rid of the other group. It is not clear at the moment. But the wrangles have been encouraged by President Sata himself for an agenda which is yet to be established. The President, however, did not know in terms of strategy on how to go about it. As a result, the status quo is that he is stuck himself," Bwalya said.

"He is like a man or woman who releases the handbrake of a truck and it begins to roll down the slope and fails to control it because of certain factors within the mechanism of that truck such as brakes and other external factors. What has happened now is that the President has succeeded in dividing PF. The Kabimba group, those that belong to Kabimba will never trust those who are against Kabimba,"
Bwalya said there was no need to pretend that it would be easy to reconcile the two groups in the PF, adding that it was clear that Kabimba had been bruised.

"When you are secretary general of the party, and people begin to carry coffins and rise against you, you get bruised. Kabimba may not be finished politically, but it leaves a mark. On the other side, those who have been carrying coffins and rising against Kabimba, they have been slapped in the face and bruised themselves because they are asking themselves whether it was worth it; they are asking whose agenda it is, what they have achieved, and can never trust whoever may have sponsored them," he said.

Bwalya said it was unfortunate that President Sata, who had worked very closely with Kabimba, decided to keep quiet when people were rising against the latter.

He said it was clear that the PF may not be joined by credible leaders in future because of the confusion in their party, adding that it was sad that President Sata had failed to keep the party together.

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