Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sata refuses to discuss Wynter petition
By Roy Habaalu and Moses Kuwema
Sat 19 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata yesterday refused to discuss the petition to remove Wynter Kabimba as secretary general. And President Sata says it is unemployment that is causing Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda to complain against Kabimba.

Meanwhile, President Sata guided that former Lusaka district chairman Goodson Banda and Robert Chikwelete will not be allowed to contest at the upcoming conference.

According to sources that attended the central committee meeting at State House yesterday, President Sata called for reconciliation among party officials and members.

Sources said there was silence when the President said the petition against Kabimba was not on the agenda and only came up on matters arising.

The sources named some of the people that wanted to bring up the issue of Kabimba as Mandevu member of parliament Jean Kapata, Samuel Mukupa, community development minister Dr Joseph Katema and Central Province minister Benson Chali.

The sources said Kapata wondered what she would tell the people in her constituency on the issue concerning Kabimba.

"The President said those that were 'aggrieved should reconcile and work together'. He didn't allow it (Wynter petition) to be discussed and told us to stop spending time on each other. We should spend more time rebutting lies from the opposition and explaining to the people of Zambia what the government was doing for them," sources said.

"The President emphasised the need for reconciliation although there were people that wanted to push for the discussion of Kabimba but the President refused… and you see that there were mixed feelings among people but there is nothing you can do when the President has spoken and made his position, so we listened and followed the guidance," other sources said.

Sources said the Kabimba issue was not on the agenda and the President found it unwise to discuss it.

"The President said he will deal with it at the right time," said a source.

Others sources also disclosed that even the Robert Chikwelete issue was not brought forward for discussion.

The sources said President Sata just made a statement in passing, saying Banda and Chikwelete would not stand.

And the Patriotic Front has adopted Dr Chilufya Mulenga as its candidate for the Mansa Central by-election.

PF deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga was not immediately available for comment.

When contacted, her mobile phone went unanswered and was later switched off.

Sources said Southern Province minister Daniel Munkombwe also brought up the issue of Kabimba, saying the problem was that the people in PF had concentrated so much on bickering at the expense of working.

"Edgar Lungu also brought up the issue of Given Lubinda. He said Lubinda wrote a letter and complained about the SG and the squabbles. But the President said 'Lubinda is crying ubulofwa ebulelenga (it is unemployment that is causing him to cry). If he is crying, don't cry for him also', and he closed the chapter," the sources said.

The meeting started at exactly 14:30 hours and ended at 17:30 hours.

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