Monday, December 30, 2013

Too many unemployed youths a danger - Mususu
By Henry Sinyangwe
Sun 10 Nov. 2013, 14:01 CAT

BISHOP Paul Mususu says it is dangerous to have too many unemployed and vulnerable people in society. The former Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia executive director said people who were vulnerable were being used by selfish individuals such as politicians to fight their battles.

Recently, Moses Sakala of music duo Sakala Brothers said there was no better cause than to stand for the poor and vulnerable in society. This was during a fundraising dinner organised by the Solwezi Catholic Diocese where Bishop Charles Kasonde also said responding positively to empowering the poor and defenceless was a special calling.

Commenting on the matter, Bishop Mususu said the duty of every leader was to protect the interests of their followers by standing up for the poor and vulnerable in society.

He said there was need to ensure an equal share of the natural resources in the country.

"Whether a church or political leader, a leader is there to protect the interest of his followers which is supreme," Bishop Mususu said.

And Bishop Mususu said the fighting among Patriotic Front cadres was as a result of high unemployment levels.

"Youths have no jobs which leaves them open for manipulation. There is need to empower people so that they spend time on progressive things, rather than butchering themselves like what happened on Thursday," said Bishop Mususu. "The sponsors should come out clean on this because those youths cannot organise all those machetes going to a presidential function."

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