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(NEWZIMBABWE) Minister: Decrepit Mpilo not fit for purpose
17/11/2013 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

HEALTH and child care minister David Parirenyatwa has expressed shock at the state of the decrepit Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo and said the institution was so run-down it was beyond repair.

Parirenyatwa visited the hospital last week and was told the institution is battling many challenges, among them, financial constraints and a serious manpower shortage.

“When I look at Mpilo Hospital I think it is better to build a new hospital,” he said.

“The main building is dilapidated and some of the departments will be difficult and costly to repair. It is now time to consider constructing friendlier health institutions that will make patients feel at home.

“Regardless of the tremendous amount of commitment by the entire staff, there are areas that need funding. A new mortuary is under construction and it needs to be completed, staff houses and other departments need to be repaired.”

He added: “I am touring our hospitals to assess the infrastructure, equipment and their challenges. Mpilo is the third biggest hospital after Harare and Mutare.

“We have to start moving towards improving our hospitals because we are looking at a lifetime of beyond 30 years. The equipment here is obsolete and needs to be replaced. The supply chain of medicines is very poor.”

The hospital’s chief executive officer Dr Ottis Mantiziba also revealed that pregnant women were now paying maternity fees because it was not receiving any funding from government.
“We submitted claims for re-imbursement from October 2012 to September 2013 totalling $2,4 million and are still to be paid.

“This deficit has negatively affected the smooth operations of the hospital. As a survival strategy, we made the pregnant women pay for maternity services.”

Parirenyatwa however said this was against government policy.

“You are defying Government. It is a standing Government policy that pregnant women, children under five and adults over 65 should not pay to access health services. Maternity services must be paid for by the Government,” said the Minister.

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