Monday, March 10, 2014

Govt warns of stern action on contractors engaging inmates
By Godfrey Chikumbi in Kawambwa
Fri 06 Dec. 2013, 14:00 CAT

LABOUR deputy minister, Ronald Chitotela, has warned contractors in Kawambwa of stern action on their reported hire and use of inmates for cheap labour.

Chitotela's warning comes in the wake of reports of some contractors in Kawambwa allegedly engaging prisoners to do their work instead of the local people.

Chitotela, who is also PF member of parliament for Pambashe constituency in Kawambwa, said local contractors who were engaging inmates risked termination of their contracts, especially those that were financed by the Constituency Development Fund.

He said it was wrong for contractors in the district to engage inmates to do their work when most local people were yearning for employment.

" I am not cautioning those contractors, I am warning them. Let them not hire and use inmates to do their work. All they (contractors) want is to avoid many local youths who are unemployed so that they maximise on their profits, if they use cheap labour provided by inmates. We shall not spare contractors, especially those engaged to do CDF projects once they are caught hiring prisoners; and this is not just a warning for Kawambwa, but to contractors countrywide," Chitotela warned.

He has since castigated the local authority for tolerating contractors who were known to have been hiring prisoners.

"The council management should immediately put this to an end because it is not right. There are many unemployed youths and as government, our emphasis is on job creation for unemployed youths and not prisoners. There is a way prisoners can fundraise, but not to sale their labour to contractors with selfish motives," said Chitotela.



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