Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'Members destabilising PF must be weeded out'
By Allan Mulenga
Wed 11 Dec. 2013, 14:01 CAT

MATERO PF member of parliament, Miles Sampa says he will sort out members disrespecting the party hierarchy. And Sampa says the habit of attacking senior party officials in the name of the President should come to an end in Matero, in the PF structures and in the entire country.

Addressing party cadres at Matero Constituency offices in Lusaka yesterday, Sampa, who is member of central committee in charge of commerce and also commerce deputy minister, said he would not allow disorderliness to continue in the party.

"I will personally ensure that those attacking senior party officials are sorted out here in Matero or wherever they are doing it. The same man who appointed them is the same man who appointed all of us. The same way they love the President is the same way we love him also," he said. "They shouldn't go round posing as if they are the only ones who love the President. All of us here love the President, isn't it? Those who don't love the President have gone to other parties."

Sampa observed that there were a lot of indisciplined party members.

"We fought very hard before elections, but now we are in power; it is important that we are all disciplined. We need to respect those in leadership. These positions we have were given to us by the president of PF Mr Michael Sata," he said. "Some positions are junior; some positions are senior, but they were all given by our leader. For all of us with junior positions, please respect those with senior positions. If you disrespect those with senior positions, you are disrespecting the appointing authority."

Sampa, however, said all those destabilising the party using President Sata's name would be dealt with severely.

"Those of us in the PF structures should stop pointing others fingers that they don't love the President. We know those who are destabilising the Matero structure and the Lusaka structures, we will not allow them to do that," he said. "I urge all members of PF to show love to each other and respect party structures because all those holding positions were appointed by the President and if you disrespect them, you are disrespecting the appointing authority."

And Sampa asked the party leadership to weed out indisciplined PF members causing confusion in the party structures.

"I will not sit by as a member of the party and watch anybody disrespecting those in leadership. Let's unite as one party in Matero, as one party in Lusaka; and as one party in the country. We know those who are destabilising; they have to be weeded out of the party once and for all," said Sampa.

"This habit of attacking senior party officials in the name of the President should come to a stop in Matero and in the entire country, in the PF structures. If you are in the constituency, respect those who are in the district; if you are in the district, respect those in the province; if you are in the province, respect those in the central committee; and if you are in the central committee respect the leader, who is the President."



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