Friday, March 28, 2014

UNZA has poor organisation culture - Chinsembu

By Bivan Saluseki
Sat 21 Dec. 2013, 14:00 CAT

UNVERSITY of Namibia Professor Kazhila Chinsembu says the University of Zambia has poor organisational culture and psychology. This week, UNZA Chancellor Dr Jacob Mwanza was pleased with the efforts that the university was making to enhance quality education in order to improve the academic ranking of the institution in the world.

According to the Webmetrics ranking of the world universities, UNZA is ranked number 66 in Africa and 3,970 in the world.

But Prof Chinsembu said: "The major problem at UNZA is UNZA itself. The university has poor organisational culture and psychology. These attributes have been entrenched by poor corporate leadership and management styles."

Within this prism, Prof Chinsembu said UNZA would continue to lag behind in terms of global and African rankings.

"To change the current scenario, UNZA needs more of transformative leadership and management, rather than a mere strategic plan on paper," he said.

Prof Chinsembu said as a matter of priority, UNZA must recruit top class academics that could attract research funding - academics that are widely known in the global arena of scholarship and are visible on Google Scholar, and professors that could produce PhD graduates.
To do this, Prof Chinsembu said the recruitment process must change.

"… because there are feelings and signs that the current recruitment process is now open to abuse, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, and favouritism," said Prof Chinsembu who is also an honorary professor of health sciences at the University of Lusaka.

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