Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gossip, slander on social networks worry Ng'oma
By Allan Mulenga
Thu 26 Dec. 2013, 14:00 CAT

THERE is a worrying trend where some people want to speak ill of others using the social media, says Dr Alex Ng'oma. In an interview yesterday, Dr Ng'oma, who a University of Zambia political science lecturer, said it was regrettable that some individuals had resorted to scandalising others when social networking.

"There is an unfortunate trend where some people, for trivial reasons, are misusing the social media, posting very bad comments about others. I find that very unfortunate and very regrettable. All of us, as human beings, it is important to remember that we have to do unto others exactly what we want them to do to us," he said.

Dr Ng'oma urged Zambians to respect one another.

"It is not in order for any person whatsoever to say bad things about other people, things that one would not want others to say about themselves," he said.

Dr Ng'oma advised social media users to guard against injuring others.

"I am personally concerned and I would urge every Zambian to reflect on this. The social media is not there for people to hide behind not being known and denouncing others," he said. "It is important for us to learn from our friends, especially in the Western world. They don't denounce each other anyhow. They always remember that even if you have to say something about another person, you have to be diplomatic; you have to choose your words carefully."
Dr Ng'oma wondered what kind of society was being built, where some people tended to misuse the social media to pull others down.

"This is definitely not good for our country; it is not good for our society and so it is important to reflect on that," he said.

Dr Ng'oma said all human beings deserve respect regardless of their status in life.

"It is natural indeed to disagree but we must disagree respectfully. We must be civilised enough to be able to put our differences across in a very respectful manner," said Dr Ng'oma.

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