Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chikwelete reveals he refused to be used by GBM
By Roy Habaalu
Mon 06 Jan. 2014, 14:30 CAT

ROBERT Chikwelete says he refused to be used by former defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba. And PF Copperbelt youths say Mwamba does not listen to anyone except his ego. Chikwelete, who is PF Chawama Constituency chairman, said the demonstrations he led were out of personal conviction.

"I refused to be used by GBM; all I did was out of personal conviction, it's a fact. Those that worked with him know themselves and some of them have apologised to the secretary general (Wynter Kabimba)," said Chikwelete.

And former Copperbelt provincial chairman Menyani Zulu said President Sata's loyal lieutenants, whom he recruited from the time he was Lusaka governor, minister of state for decentralisation and local government, had stood steadfast and were still in the party.
"GBM does not listen to anybody except his ego and ignores a very wise Bemba saying from Bembaland, where he hails, that says 'Ubumi bwa muntu bwaba mukutwi'. Today Hon Wynter Kabimba is still in good standing with the PF because he has never shown any disrespect to President Sata. There are no principled disciples that have ever rebuked President Sata both in the opposition and in government. GBM can't wear the same shoes of President Sata's loyal lieutenants like Wynter Kabimba, Ali Simwinga or Emmanuel Chenda, among others," he said.

Zulu said the PF was a product of the youth and many other unsung heroes that had continued to make personal, financial and physical sacrifices and remained loyal to the party without getting anything in return.

He said Mwamba should let President Sata deal with the Bemba standoff as head of state. Meanwhile, former Copperbelt Province youth secretary Chanda Kabwe said Mwamba thought he was indispensable. Kabwe said it was unfortunate that Mwamba had embraced MMD leader Nevers Mumba.

"Despite Mr Mwamba's claims that he has done a lot for the PF to be what it is today by financing the party, he should know that President Michael Sata has never gone public saying that without him there would be no Patriotic Front because he is a down-to-earth person and possesses great leadership skills. Let Ba Mwamba concentrate on his businesses in order to leave room for others because he thinks that the money he has can buy the people in Northern Province and in return support his hidden agenda best known to himself and his followers," said Kabwe.

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