Thursday, May 29, 2014

Constitution making hijacked by individuals to undermine the will of the people - Sata
By Joseph Mwenda and Kombe Mataka
Wed 08 Jan. 2014, 16:00 CAT

THE constitution-making process has been hijacked by individuals with an objective to embarrass, humiliate and politically undermine the sovereign will of the people, President Michael Sata.

In a statement released by his special assistant for Press and Public Relations George Chellah, President Sata said it would be highly reckless and irresponsible to hastily release the constitution only to satisfy an ill-intended political scheme.

"The country already has a functional Constitution and the state will not be pushed into fast and reckless conclusions by individuals with dubious agendas," he said.

President Sata said the government remained dedicated to the constitution making process.

"The recent biased political maneuvers surrounding the process confirm the ill-intentions of the persons at the helm of this misplaced crusade. Right from the start, this government has been dedicated to the process, no wonder the committee handling the matter was left without any interference. But it's clear that the well intended process has been hijacked to embarrass, humiliate and politically undermine the will and interest of the majority of Zambians," he said.

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