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(NEWZIMBABWE) Tsvangirai: A legacy of collective failure
03/01/2014 00:00:00
by Bernard Bwoni

HATE or love the man but Morgan Tsvangirai is one of a kind, a man who radiates an obliviously imprudent invincibility and an unworldly endearing nature born out of a starry-eyed inclination to pacify his funding and founding stakeholders. The man is unconscious to the uncanny sophistry of the elite behind the dishonest and deceptive Zimbabwe regime change agenda.

An external agenda that Zanu PF convincingly dismantled in the recent elections and yet remains clandestinely and solidly intact in anticipatory remission. An unwelcome and disturbingly dark agenda that was totally toppled when the well-oiled Zanu PF machinery freely, fluidly and fairly glided past the opposition formations with credible precision. The level of sophistication was unprecedented; such refined and reflective rigor which oozed historical substance, revolutionary resoluteness and definitive decisiveness.

But enough about Zanu PF, this is all about Tsvangirai; a man afflicted by self-inflicted personal scandal, burdened by unfortunate personal tragedy and a man who reckoned he shouldered the weight of the MDC-sanction-induced-poverty-stricken nation’s plight. A national burden that could have been averted had the formations fronted by Tsvangirai not advocated for the abominable sanctions that induced extreme privation and distress to the people of Zimbabwe. But then Tsvangirai is only but a man after all, a man of humble beginnings, humbly modest education and finite intellect, heedless of the counterproductive nature of his association with groups and individuals who have a very specific neo-colonial agenda. A man surrounded by some highly opinionated and educated lieutenants who now allegedly want to pull the rug from under his feet in cravenly closet opportunistic power pursuits. The term is “alleged” by the way and after all that the man has done for that party.

Tsvangirai with all his countless and frequent flaws has commanded a sizeable following in the country and beyond. His name is synonymous with the publicity and popularity the MDC-T party enjoys and embraces so collectively. His legions of shortcomings are indeed a precise reflection of the collective failure of the MDC-T as a party - structures weakened, without foundations or heavily self-compromised. There is an urgent need for self-introspection and the party shouldering collective responsibility for the well-documented Tsvangirai blemishes. There is no way he could have come up with such an uninspiring trajectory and all the erudite notables around him being blissfully unaware and blindly following. A case in point is the far from strategic nomination of ambassadors for diplomatic postings; in particular Mrs Zwambila and Mr Makuvise. Surely someone within that party would have stirred Tsvangirai away from such lacklustre appointments?

There is the human side to Tsvangirai which must be explored rather than exploited. His personal scandals and transgressions must not be allowed to entirely conceal the real human side to this man. Tsvangirai deserves the backlash he got for his multiple girlfriends and Britney Spears-style fast-forward marriages. There are no excuses for the ruinous ramification of his tactless political decisions. But, on a personal level, the man deserves sympathy. The recent revelations that his wife walked out have drawn continuous echoes of elation and jubilation from critics and fans alike. It is quite disturbing to see so many deriving so much satisfaction and pleasure from this poor man’s endless misfortunes and suffering whether self-inflicted or not.

I have everything against this gentleman on a political level but nothing against him on a personal level. In as much as we disagree, let us separate the inept politician from the jilted man. He is just a human being like all of us, irrespective of our political affiliations. The bandwagon dictates that Tsvangirai deserves all that comes his way because of the numerous “open-zip, shut-mind” moments, the sanctions which his party advocated for and his dubious associations with those who have deadly agenda against Zimbabwe. I only see a poor man betrayed by the collective failure of those around him.

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