Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Govt looking forward to working with chiefs - Inonge
By Abel Mboozi
Wed 05 Feb. 2014, 14:01 CAT

THE church will continue to interrogate political, economic and social problems that continue to befall the country, says the Council of Churches in Zambia.

And CCZ says the church can't stay away from politics because it has an obligation to promote peace and dialogue.
Meanwhile, gender minister Inonge Wina (left) says the government looks forward to working with traditional leaders in promoting peace, stability and family prosperity as Zambia celebrates the golden jubilee.

In her presentation to the forum for 31 female chiefs as advocates of peace and stability in Lusaka on Monday, Njira Bweupe a representative of CCZ said it was the role of the church to champion the cause of the less privileged in the Zambian society.

"The church in Zambia has continued to promote peace through interrogation of the political, economic and social problems that befall the country," Bweupe said.

"The three mother bodies CCZ, EFZ and ZEC have continued to issue pastoral letters to the general public that addresse various topical issues regularly."

Bweupe said in order to promote continued peace, the three church mother bodies regularly convened prayer meetings and dialogues to call for co-existence amongst the state, civil society and citizens.

And Bweupe said the church would continue to play its noble role of assisting in reconciliation and fostering peace and tolerance to divergent views.

"Whereas many politicians ask Christians to stay away from politics and just pray, the three church mother bodies namely: CCZ, EFZ and ZEC remind Christians that they have an obligation to participate in political processes," Bweupe said.

"The role of promoting peace and stability therefore cannot be abdicated by the church today, as it is a peacemarker."
Bweupe said many churches in Zambia operated from a prophetic voice and were guided by values of universal solidarity, the common good, respect for life and dignity of human beings.

"The church in Zambia helps in advancing peace by virtue of its far-reaching appeals and its ability to create new, shared identities that transcend the lines that divide societies," Bweupe said.

"This dimension of peace-building has long been appreciated by citizens and used to foster positive feelings of national identity, pride and unity in the face of internal political and ethnical divisions."
Meanwhile, Wina in her presentation said the vision of her ministry was to see a nation where there was gender equity, equality and full realisation of children's rights to sustainable development.

"From this vision, you are not only the drivers, but also enablers in the attainment of this vision," Wina reminded the 31 traditional leaders at the forum.

"As you may have observed, gender imbalances continue to be perpetuated by negative perceptions and attitudes that make women and girls become subservient to men and boys. It is therefore very important that you as female chiefs influence your chiefdoms to embrace values and norms that promote the rights of men and women, boys and girls."

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