Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HH warned and cautioned as cadres clash with Police
By Kombe Mataka
Mon 13 Jan. 2014, 16:40 CAT

TEAR gas canisters were fired while three cadres were briefly detained this morning when UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema appeared at Woodlands Police Station for questioning.

Hichilema's supporters were at Woodlands Station as early as 08:00hours to offer solidarity and complied with police over a barricade it had mounted to avoid the station to be over crowded.

Troubled started when Hichilema arrived and the cadres started pushing their way into the police station forcing police to fire tear gas and flogged some cadres who were tempting force their way into the police station along with HH.

In the process police mistakenly beat up Chikankata Member of Parliament Munji Habeenzu and a journalist Kalani Muchima from Prime Media TV.

Hichilema, who was summoned for questioning, was subsequently warned and cautioned.

And a cadre caused a scare when she sprinkled some powder on Hichilema, who thought the police had fired another teargas carnister.

Police that were watching the UPND leader leave mocked, "Ayopa aona monga ni teargas kansi ni uunga(he is scared, he thought it was teargas)."

The cadres later temporally blocked the around about along Pick 'n' Pay bringing business around the area to a standstill.

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