Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kazungula villagers abandon resettlement scheme
By Brina Siwale
Sun 26 Jan. 2014, 14:00 CAT

KATOMBORA member of parliament Derrick Livune says a group of villagers in Kazungula have abandoned a resettlement scheme and have gone back to their flood-prone area to continue with their fishing activities.

Livune said in an interview that Kazungula had this year been hit by floods, adding that it was unfortunate that despite the government providing a safe place, people had returned to the flood-prone area.

"Currently we have floods in the district. A resettlement scheme was put in place for the villages in Sekute area but they have decided to not to settle there. Instead they have gone back to the flood-prone area," he said.

"The Sekute settlement area was designated for these people that were affected by the floods. Unfortunately from those that were given portions that side, others have gone back to continue with their fishing activities that they do year in, year out."

Livune said it was surprising that the people did not take up the help that was offered by the government.

"I am sure that these people must know their calendars. In the worst situation we can call for government help but where help has been given to them and instead of settling there, they have gone back to where it floods. They have to manage their calendars well," he said.

And Livune said people of Kazungula Mandandi in Mukuni area were also facing challenges because the area had also been flooded.

He called on the district disaster management committee in Kazungula to come to the aid of Mandandi residents.

"The people of Mandandi need to be assisted. They are not like the other group that we provided with the settlement scheme but have decided not to settle there," said Livune.



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