Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Opposition leaders selfish - Siabutuba
By Roy Habaalu
Tue 14 Jan. 2014, 14:00 CAT

PARTNER Siabutuba says opposition political parties cannot unite for a good cause because their leaders are selfish. Siabutuba, who is Youth Development Organisation director, said there could not be unity among opposition parties because it was targeted at ousting PF from power.

Commenting on Alliance for Democracy and Development president Charles Milupi's statement last week that there are political parties that want to get into political alliances for the sole purpose of riding on others, Siabutuba said some of the parties that were calling for a united opposition lacked a clear manifesto thereby giving Zambians no hope.

"If these opposition political parties want to unite to fight PF, they have it wrong. Of what use is it to fight PF or Wynter Kabimba? We don't want many shadows to come together and become one big shadow; that's not what Zambia's democracy means," he said.

Siabutuba said Zambians were not interested in fighting PF but in finding solutions to the challenges the country was facing.

"They need to provide solutions on how they would improve the living conditions of the people and tell PF what they are not doing, not fighting them. Leaders of some of these parties are not genuine; they are without a clear and prospective programmes for this country and they end up confusing Zambians more. It's not about unity; it's about a CV and to have it on record that I once headed a political party," he said.

Siabutuba said some opposition parties had lost continually and were not offering hope.

Milupi, in an interview last week, said he was aware of some opposition political parties and leaders that were not in existence to serve Zambians, who wanted to use any opportunity to project themselves as being more popular than others.

"We will not be ridden on by anybody. If someone feels that his political party is so big, let him go ahead and win elections. It will not be the end of the world if we are not part of the next government and the world has not ended because we are not part of the current government," said Milupi.

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