Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sata joins Facebook

By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Sat 18 Jan. 2014, 14:01 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has created a Facebook link, saying he has decided to network and connect with the people "by means of this platform".

In one of the postings earlier yesterday, President Sata stated: "My friends on Facebook, today, I have decided to network and connect with you by means of this platform. This page will enable you to have a glimpse of my thoughts and ideas on various issues relating to our great nation. Let's interact," he stated.

Later on, President Sata posted that he had sent transport, works, supply and communications minister Yamfwa Mukanga to Kitwe to officially hand over 57 low cost houses and two churches.

According to his special assistant for press and public relations
George Chellah, President Sata's link is (external link) Michael Sata.
"Comrades, I can confirm that the link below is His Excellency, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia's official Facebook page. (external link)," Chellah stated.

And President Sata also posted on the new link that the infrastructural development in Kitwe was for the people who would be displaced to pave way for the construction of a bridge.

"Good morning friends. I have this morning sent my minister of
transport, works, supply and communication Hon. Yamfwa Mukanga to Kitwe to officially hand over 57 low cost houses with electricity, water supply and flashable toilets and two churches in Ipusukilo and Kawama Townships, including a 1.5 kilometre access road in Mufuchani area of the city of Kitwe. All this is for the people who will be displaced to pave way for the construction of the Mufuchani Bridge across the Kafue River in Kitwe. Natwikatane chapamo bane tutwale ichalo chesu pantanshi Let's unite and develop our country together," stated President Sata.

Many Facebook enthusiasts welcomed President Sata's decision to open a Facebook page, saying that would encourage dialogue and information sharing.

Godfrey Simwinga Chitalu responded to Chellah's announcement saying, President Sata had "always taken a bull by the horn".

"Kwati bufi, (It's like a lie) this is great for our pragmatic president, who always takes a bull by the horn. Next, Mr President, introduce a toll free hotline that citizens can use to complain, suggest, report and compliment your government. The three mobile service providers can pay for its set up so that we the ordinary citizens can have access to have our say, even if its just recorded
and followed up later. Wise move and we love you," stated Chitalu.

Justine Wilfred Simbeye simply wrote "that is wonderful" while Hebert Macha said: "This is a great platform to network, dialogue, engage and share information, great initiative."

And Ebenezar Jeff thanked President Sata for having a heart for the people and asked the head of state to find a solution to youth unemployment.

"...About youths being employed we need to give them skills (education). Thank you for loving Zambia," said Jeff, while Trascillar Chibuye Mambwe Kayumba said: "Wow that's very good my president, but also consider us who are in Solwezi. Our roads are in a very bad state. When u are on the Copperbelt, u feel like u re in Zambia bt wen u re in Solwezi, its another world. We need u 2 shake these Solwezi MPs. Thank u sic."

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