Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tribe, race mean nothing in Zambia, says Scott

By Moses Kuwema
Thu 30 Jan. 2014, 14:01 CAT

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Guy Scott says tribe and race mean nothing in Zambia. And MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba says the Katuba by-election will help the opposition understand the need to have a working relationship.

Speaking on Tuesday when he addressed a public meeting in Katuba after PF candidate, Moses Chilando successfully filed in his nomination papers, Vice-President Scott said issues of tribe or race do not work in Zambia.

"I want to thank you in advance for coming and thank you for voting. Don't let anybody tell you that this candidate Chilando is a Bemba... he should be a Lenje or vice-versa. In Zambia, tribe and race mean nothing. Who can I be representing if we are representing ourselves?

Lenje represents Lenje, Bemba represents Bemba and Muzungus represent Muzungus, it does not work," Vice-President Scott said.

He said the PF had chosen the best candidate for the job of area member of parliament for Katuba.

He urged the PF members in the area to be resolute, determined and send Chilando to Parliament, saying he would make sure he did the job.

"I am just telling you that we have chosen the best man for the job.

There were some very good candidates, but we chose the one we agreed on. Be resolute, be determined, send him to Parliament, I will make him work. Don't fight, no intimidation, we don't need any of that," said Vice-President Scott.

And speaking after the MMD candidate Cecil Holmes filed in his nomination, Mumba hoped that the outcome of the Katuba by-election will help send a strong message to the opposition.

"We hope this by-election will help the opposition understand the importance of a working relationship. We hope it will send a strong message to opposition political parties, but also the people of Zambia," Mumba said after being asked on the filling in of nominations by six opposition political parties in view of a recently formed alliance of opposition parties.

Mumba said in future, it would be important for opposition political parties to work together in dealing with matters which he said affected the people.

And Mumba said people should not expect violence from the MMD, saying the party had a new culture.

"There is a new culture of MMD in as far as violence is concerned. Don't expect any violence from MMD," said Mumba.

Meanwhile, Allan Malawo, the UNIP candidate, said it was high time young people jumped on the band wagon and joined his party.

Malawo said most of the UNIP members had aged and invited young people in the country to join the party.

Malawo further said the ground in Katuba was very fertile for UNIP and rated his chances of scooping the seat highly.

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