Thursday, April 12, 2007

VJ was pleasing Katumbi

VJ was pleasing Katumbi
By Emmanuek Kafula
Thursday April 12, 2007 [04:00]

First of all congratulations for the well-done job! you always perform at the satisfaction of all well-thinking Zambians. I live in India and came for vacation in Zambia and DRC to visit relatives. I respect Vernon Mwaanga very much, as an experienced veteran politician .

I read his book over his alleged drug dealing detention, by first Republican president Kaunda . Now , I am wondering , can I believe what he wrote, looking at the DRC journey and his explanation in his transcript given to the Times of Zambia ? I was in DRC and watched his interview on the Lubumbashi Television Mwangaza, which is watched up to Chililabombwe and Chingola. like other Zambians who were in DRC that time, we were shocked to hear what our information minister, government spokeperson and Chief Whip said.

We could see that he was just trying to please Moses. I recall to have heard an interview of Moses on RFI saying that he had friends in the government, and among names, he cited VJ and he showed no respect toward our vice president, saying he would beat him if they stood together for an election in Zambia. He never talked about the $7 million and VJ is the first to have mentioned this problem.

Moses talked about his emeralds seized by the Task Force only . The Times of Zambia in it’s edition of Tuesday 10th March 2007 , juxtposed the two versions of the transcripts , the one from VJ and the other one from the video shooting held by the Post . A question is asked by the editor of the Times of Zambia if there is a difference between the two transcripts since both are talking about the minister being aware of Moses suing the Zambian government for the maize supplied in 2001. Yes , there is a big difference:
1. In different interviews Katumbi gave the press, the Post, or RFI, he never talked about the maize supply .

2. The government of Zambia is not aware about being sued by Katumbi over the maize supply.

3. Katumbi said in his telephone interview on Monday 9th March with The Post that, it was VJ who told him about the maize supply and the USD 7 millions.

4. In the video transcript , no DRC journalist asked VJ about the $7m. it was VJ who talked about it . . . In his transcript , the question came from one journalist. so who is lying here? Did the video change the words used by VJ ? Or VJ didn’t understand the question ?

Finally , it is up to Mwanawasa to clean the Zambian government from such embarrassment.

Thanks and keep it up, this is true journalism, unlike what VJ said about you in DRC.
I forgot to tell you that I am holding three nationalities, Indian from my father, Zambian from my mother and DRC from my step father.

I don’t know what to say about Moses, Zambian by the mother, real nephew of Mwata Kazembe of Luapula Province, Jewish from his father.

Difficult to say who is who in this modern world , especially when we have a common border of 1,700km, as mentionned by VJ in Lubumbashi.

Mwaanga's path to self-destruction
By Maria Chifwembe-Phiri
Thursday April 12, 2007 [04:00]

I have folowed with disgust the lies which have paved VJ’s path to self destruction and the different versions of what transpired in Lubumbashi.

I am truly frightened that people such as VJ are leading us in government and in parliament.

The caption in The Post entitled “VJs path to self-destruction” is incomplete. Unless Levy Patrick Mwanawasa disassociates himself and sacks this man, the Zambian people would be entitled to conclude that indeed, this special envoy was sent to Katanga to negotiate with Katumbi.Hence the path to self-destruction will not only be for VJ but for the state counsel and the entire MMD.
We are waiting!

Water supply system
By Lucky Mwanaumo
Thursday April 12, 2007 [04:00]

I don’t dispute the fact that Lusaka Water and Sewerage has monopoly in provision of water services to its clients but that does not mean that things will forever be as they are. This has to change and it’s now that people have to find alternatives or various water sources.

If one can’t afford sinking a borehole, rainy water harvesting is cheaper and affordable and is done by erecting a huge reservoir to allow enough storage of water to last for the next rainy season. This is actually happening elsewhere and it’s time for us to stop depending on a water supply company that cannot sustain us.

Honesty is a virtue
By Dr Andrew Phiri, UNZA
Thursday April 12, 2007 [04:00]

Commendation should be made to The Post once again for the investigative journalism that unearthed interesting and important information concerning a visit to DRC by Vernon Mwaanga, Minister of Information and Broadcasting and chief government spokesperson. An enlightened readership is an informed one. There are a few learning points in this story:

Actions speak louder than words, in life it helps to seek to become known for one’s integrity, it’s important to guard one’s reputation because it is one of a kind and is irreplaceable. Dishonesty is the first step down the road to failure. For everyone, it is a personal choice to be honest in words, actions and attitudes and that what goes round comes around.

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