Thursday, April 12, 2007

VJ's leopard spots

VJ's leopard spots
By Editor
Thursday April 12, 2007 [00:00]

VERNON Mwaanga is a charlatan who has over the years perfected the art of misleading presidents. And because he has managed to mislead presidents, he thought he could mislead all of us with ease. However, the Bible in Ecclesiastes states that there is time for everything. Now is the time for Mwaanga to pay for his lies, his deception. He has got a burning coal right on his back and we will not remove it until he confesses to being a shameless liar.

Mwaanga should not blame darkness because he has bumped into a pole. He knowingly went into a dangerous situation so he should not be surprised if he gets hurt.

Mwaanga wanted to annihilate our hard- earned credibility just to accomplish his petty and selfish agenda. But we should remind him that if he put down poison in an attempt to poison us, some of it would touch his mouth.

This simply means that Mwaanga’s unkindness against us will have a detrimental effect on him as well. He thought he would destroy us but he has just destroyed himself. Anyway, we will leave it here since we have already established beyond reasonable doubt that Mwaanga is such a consistent liar, a spin-doctor.

Now that this fact is established, the question that should be answered is why did Mwaanga say what he said in the DRC? What is it that motivated him to declare that “it is unthinkable for us as Zambian government to consider a distinguished and senior member of the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo as a criminal”?

Why did Mwaanga make such a declaration when he was fully aware that the Zambian government and Katumbi have been beating each other with a live snake; that the two have been at loggerheads with each other?

This question has to be answered. It is clear that something happened that confused Mwaanga whilst in Lubumbashi. Listening to him speak in that video, it was clear that the man was not himself, he spoke someone else’s language.

He sounded and behaved like a man who had borrowed someone’s legs and therefore did not make his own steps. You see, when one borrows another man’s legs, he will go wherever the owner of the legs directs. He will lose independence in the same way that a man who is heavily indebted to someone does. So on whose legs did Mwaanga walk whilst in the DRC and for what?

Mwaanga was sent as President Mwanawasa’s special envoy to President Joseph Kabila with a specific message but because of reasons best known to himself, he went wherever he went whilst in the DRC. Clearly, his behaviour in the DRC was questionable. And his dismissal was inevitable. Mwaanga has embarrassed himself, he has embarrassed Levy and above all the country.

We can’t continue pretending that Mwaanga’s statement in the DRC has not caused the country a lot of harm internationally. Internationally, his statement speaks volumes about the quality and calibre of our ministers. Nabatusula.

How could Levy have expected President Kabila to take his message seriously when Mwaanga was busy manifesting himself as a liar by denying his own statement, a statement that was even aired on television in the DRC?

Mwaanga’s statement also ate into the roots that hold together Levy’s fight against corruption. It shows that there are some sacred cows in this fight. And if this were the case, then Levy’s fight would be a cause in futility. He would be striving after the wind and no one would take his fight against corruption seriously.

That is why it was important for Levy to act on Mwaanga in the manner he has done. This was the only option open for Levy if he had to restore the integrity of his government.

And Levy should be commended for responding to public expectation because he is also known to sometimes perform contrary to people’s expectations. We know it was not an easy decision for Levy but what is wrong is wrong regardless of who is involved? This is commendable. There should be no blue-eyed boys.

It’s clear that Mwaanga has no credibility left in him and he can only be accommodated by someone of equal standards. Many of our people have for a long time questioned Mwaanga’s character, credibility and integrity.

But in the last few years, it looked to us, and probably Levy, that Mwaanga had repented and reformed and therefore redeemed himself. He actually looked and sounded rehabilitated. But from his conduct recently, it appears Mwaanga is a leopard that will never change its spots. Indeed, old habits die-hard.

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