Wednesday, June 20, 2007

( Zimbabwe ‘Dooms Day’ Report Seen as Promise not Prediction

Zimbabwe ‘Dooms Day’ Report Seen as Promise not Prediction
released on 06/14/07 at 12:22:06

Atlanta ( - Several Western media agencies are pushing an unnamed report from a group of unidentified “private consultants” urging organizations such as the United Nations, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Oxfam to prepare for a “total collapse” of Zimbabwe within 6 months. Western news agencies pushing this report, which many in the Pan-African community are calling propaganda, include the BBC, CNN, and the Associated Press (AP). At least 10 other new agencies have syndicated the AP story on their websites.

The report from the AP states that, “If the worst happens, private consultants in Zimbabwe say, aid groups should brace for shops and businesses to close and for Zimbabwe to declare a state of emergency.”

This report is basing its prediction of a “doomsday scenario” on the fact that Western countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union have pulled out nearly all of their financial resources causing not only a lack of confidence in the Zimbabwean currency on the international market but also causing hyperinflation that has been reported as high as four thousand percent, the highest in the world.

What’s more, the AP is reporting that the so called “private consultants” who are predicting a total collapse of Zimbabwe stated that in the coming months market forces will be "doubling the current inflation for each of the seven remaining months of 2007 gives 512,000 percent, thus the economic collapse is expected before the end of 2007."

Representatives of the Pan-African movement are not calling this report “a prediction, but a promise,” implying that Western countries are insidiously working with operatives both inside and outside of Zimbabwe to accelerate the economic woes and are orchestrating a collapse of Zimbabwe’s anti-Western government. The label of being “anti-Western” is one that Zimbabwe has be dealing with since 2000, when under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe, the government began restoring the land rights of indigenous Africans by evicting off of farmland the beneficiaries of a White Terrorist movement that brutally and inhumanely conquered the country and subjugated the indigenous Africans to subhuman conditions during the colonial era of the 20th century.

“Zimbabwe is the front lines of the war against Black People and indigenous self-rule,” Pan-African representatives insist. “That is why it is up to all Black People across the Diaspora to come to Zimbabwe’s aid in their time of war.” At this time, Pan-Africans are being urged to send donations to the Ujamma Youth Farming Project, a non-profit and pro Pan-African origination based in Zimbabwe.

“The Ujamma Youth Framing Project has already reached out to our representatives in the States, and being that they are working with projects that can feed the people, have the best possible chance to provide programs to sustain the people during an economic crisis.” The Ujamma Youth Framing Project is engaged in preparing self-sustainable projects to empower the masses, particularly the youth, in areas such as public transport, carpentry, masonry, fence making, walling, advertising, marketing and filmmaking. Their near term strategy is to empower the youth through farming programs that provide wholesale farm produce to supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels in Zimbabwe.

To make a donation to this group in a show of support for the people of Zimbabwe, you can visit

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At 12:04 AM , Blogger Cho said...

Just goes to show that there's two side to every story :)

If Zimbabwe is indeed about to collapse that would be bad news to Zambia. I mean how many refugees can we expect?


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