Friday, June 15, 2007


Dumping ground
By Gilbert Wandi
Friday June 15, 2007 [04:00]

I think our country is in serious state of affairs and it appears this government doesn’t seem to care for what is happening. The way things are moving just tells you that there is something terribly wrong with the Mwanawasa government in the way they are handling things that affect people’s lives in the country.

To start with he doesn’t want to go with the people’s view of adopting the constitution which we want. There have been cases of the 3 trillion kwacha stolen by civil servants reduced to K36 billion and also the K28 billion worth of drugs which are expiring and everything about this just seems to be very normal and there hasn’t been any action.

Wednesday 13th June news at 19:00 hours from ZNBC just left me annoyed and wondering as to what is wrong with this country. This is a country that is being flooded by cheap and fake things from the West and Asian countries.

We have a lot of imitations in electrical appliances, clothes, shoes, watches and even motor vehicles all being dumped in Zambia. It was reported that the Ministry of Health is withdrawing the drug called virasept that is given to people on ARVs because it has been found with compounds that cause cancer.

This is really a serious matter and the Ministry of Health should be held responsible for what will happen to the people who were exposed to this drug. Does it mean that when these drugs are brought into the country, they are not first tested to see if they are safe to be used on people? No wonder we have a lot of health complications in the country, I am sure due to some of the drugs which people are being given.

Many people on ARVs have weak immune system and here they are, subjected to a drug that can cause cancer. What is really wrong with this country?

Does anyone care for Zambians in this country? Are Zambians now being turned into guinea pigs to be used for this type of drug tests?

Tell me how many people listen or watch ZNBC news in rural areas and what will happen to those who were given this same drug to use say for two or three months? And how are we going to know the extent of damage the people who were taking this drug have been subjected to since their immune system is already weak? No one seems to be sorry for anything!

Shortage of cement
By Jenkins Chisoni,Glasgow
Friday June 15, 2007 [04:00]

I have read two letters on the shortage of cement in our country generally and Western Province in particular and the blame being heaped on the goverment's inability to supply the commodity.

Whereas I do appreciate the writers' complaints on the matter, I wish to suggest that it is time for us Zambians to develop our entrepreneural capabilities into big industrial capital-based adventures.

Zambia is endowed with a lot of limestone, why can't we set up new cement producing companies so that we can flood the market with the commodity and at the same time provide more jobs for our people and earn foreign exchange? A Nigerian did it in his country, why can't we?

In the meantime, I would request the government to listen to the cries of the people of Western Province and do something about cement for immediate use and also provide the necessary base for joint ventures for Zambian entrepreneurs to exploit the possibility of setting up new cement companies.

Good leadership
By Chali Chewe
Friday June 15, 2007 [04:00]

I have observed with keen interest some of the suggested names as to who takes over the leadership of this country after Mwanawasa leaves office and a lot of emphasis has been placed on certain individuals. Among the various reasons given for the choice are that they are young and therefore able to preside over the leadership of this country with fresh ideas.

This is perhaps where we are getting it wrong. Quality leadership is not the preserve of a particular age group or generation.

All we need is a leader who will be able to encompass the shared values, aspirations and vision of this country to a better future and the mitigating factor should not be based on whether one is 35, 55 or 75 years. To me what matters is whether such a person will be concerned about uplifting the standards of the poorest rural dweller and restoring the hopes and dreams of the entire nation.

We need a leader who is going to put the feelings and wishes of the Zambians first, instead of one who will always be seeking to be glorified by foreigners for blindly sacrificing the resources and citizens of this country to the so-called investors.
Some names being floated just happen to have leadership thrust upon them, others forced their way to the top. Some even sweet-talked their way into high office while others fought it out.

So whether young or old, with or without experience, let those who feel the calling and know that they can provide the good leadership that we deserve step forward and identify themselves to the nation.

Zesco's load shedding
By Brian Halwindi,Lusaka
Friday June 15, 2007 [04:00]

I would like to air my grievances over the frequent disruption of power by Zesco.
It is sad and lack of human face by Zesco management to continue disruptions in the name of load shedding. There has been disruption of power almost every day and this cannot be understood by the people of Matero, Lilanda, George and Zingalume areas.
What is most unfortunate and disturbing is that power is disrupted when you have just come back from work and want to prepare supper. It’s so disturbing that after being tired with work one has to start looking for charcoal, worse still in the dark.

Since 2005, the so-called load shedding has been going on which has resulted in not only food going bad but also destroying electric appliances. What is so disheartening is that in other areas of Lusaka, load shedding is a thing of the past but one wonders why it has continued in my area.

We don't even know what is happening around the country. We are living in fear simply because even the main news on ZNBC is becoming a nightmare.

Load shedding has also affected children who cannot do their homework on time.

We are sick and tired of this trend. How I wish the monopoly could come to an end.
We demand an explanation from Zesco and what criteria they use.

Levy and referendum
By Concerned citizen
Friday June 15, 2007 [04:00]

I wish to air my views on the current debate over the constitution. I have been following it very well. I don't understand why Mwanawasa wants a referendum when there is a Wila Mungo'mba Review Commission which has all the recommendations made by the people. The only thing here is a constituent assembly which will later be enacted by parliament. As Zambians, we should not be blindfolded because it’s obvious this goverment will bribe people if a referendum goes ahead.

We voted for this government and not them voting for us. Mwanawasa should not fear anything to allow a constituent assembly to go ahead.

If Mwanawasa dosen't listen to the will of the people, he will regret later. Mwanawasa should listen to all those calling for a constituent assembly because the Oasis Forum have been their for a decade and they know what they are talking about.

I urge Zambians to fight together with the Oasis Forum to blow off this government.
Let’s stand up and fight because a people-driven constitution will benefit us. Viva Red campaign! Viva the constituent assembly!


At 3:34 PM , Blogger Cho said...

Interesting point about cement...I have been discussing with Yakima with regards to the key constraints the country is facing in construction. It is indeed strange that the country is facing such a constrain in face of plenty of limestone...

At 4:24 PM , Blogger MrK said...


This kind of issue cries out for an official thinktank or publication, that does into the contraints on the economy in Zambia in language people (including MPs) can understand.

Now if the government would support an independent thinktank.

Maybe Zambian cement manufacturers could spell out the major constraints on their business.

At 6:50 PM , Blogger Cho said...

I think the Government can...anyways there people who could fund it like DfID...

What is the process for getting this thing set up?


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