Friday, June 22, 2007

Mwanawasa to launch 'Keep Zambia Clean' campaign

Mwanawasa to launch 'Keep Zambia Clean' campaign
By Masuzyo Chakwe
Friday June 22, 2007 [04:00]

PRESIDENT Levy Mwanawasa is today expected to launch the Keep Zambia Clean campaign. Local government and housing minister Sylvia Masebo said during a press briefing yesterday that the launch at 19:00 hours would trigger various activities intended to improve the environment.

Masebo highlighted activities that include cleaning of Soweto Market on Saturday which will be spearheaded by first lady Maureen Mwanawasa and marketeers.

Masebo said the Minister of Communication and Transport Sara Sayifwanda would be working with bus drivers and conductors to clean buses.

“The Mayor of Lusaka is expected to clean and unblock drainages in Mandevu compound. The Inspector General of police will be ready to enforce law in the week. The provincial minister for the Copperbelt will launch activities in Kitwe. The Hoteliers chairperson Mr Gaudenzio Rossi will be cleaning a hotel,” she said.

Masebo said health minister Dr Brian Chituwo was expected to clean a ward at the University Teaching Hospital and the education minister would clean a school in Chawama.

Masebo said the Minister of Home Affairs would clean one of the prisons. She said commerce minister Felix Mutati would on June, 28 launch the painting of shops in Kamwala and the town centre and hoped shop owners in the affected areas would begin painting their shops.

Masebo said one of the Catholic parishes had been identified and would clean their surroundings. She said the chairperson of the House of Chiefs was expected in Southern Province to do a clean up campaign in one of the villages and he was also expected to commission a water supply project.

Masebo further said the press needed to play a very important role in the exercise.
“I note that The Post newspapers is organising (for next Thursday) a news forum where the Bank of Zambia governor will feature and talk about the Keep Zambia Clean campaign as a corporate responsibility,” she said.

Masebo said the Minister of Tourism would also be launching a tree-planting exercise in Chilenje South and the community was encouraged in the tree-planting exercise. She said some time next week, she would be launching the new regulatory laws on nuisance and public health Act.

Masebo said she intended to increase penalties so that they became more meaningful.
“The current law in terms of fine is very minimum. People break the law knowing the fine is very little. For noise, honking, playing loud music, the current fee is K1, 000 or K2, 000 and I want to increase the fee to K100, 000 to K1 million. For parking in wrong areas, off loading on the road, we will be fining from K100, 000 to K1 million. For street vending, the fine is K500.00, we want to increase it to K100, 000. Other things like urinating in public, we want to increase the fine from K1, 000 to K50, 000 and K100, 000,” she said.

She said other offences like keeping sheep and goats in the backyard would also be dealt with.

Masebo said all vehicles involved in accidents and had been parked at police stations would be removed because they made the surroundings untidy.

“The police will be very busy. The IG is expected to remove all the vehicles from police stations and deal with illegal car dealers. The public needs to be sensitised on what the law entails. There will also be inspections of schools, restaurants and other food outlets. Regulations need to be followed in full,” she said.

Masebo said K200 million had been allocated in the budget for the exercise and the money had since been released.

“We want Lusaka to go back to the garden city it was known for. We hope the Church will help preach messages of hygiene and people should not throw litter out of the car windows,” she said.

Masebo also directed local authorities to write to owners of unfinished buildings and give them a period within which to complete construction or repossess them.

On the dismissals of council workers at Ndola City Council, Masebo said government would not allow a situation where workers locked their superiors out of their offices.
“We won’t condone such behaviour from council employees and what the mayor has done is in line with the conditions of service and we will support him on the action the council has taken. It is important as a country not to support anarchy as much as they may have good reasons for their strike action, but where they lock offices can’t be allowed. I hear ZCTU wants to come and see me and I hope not to support anarchy,” said Masebo.

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At 10:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There we go again. Masebo started off on a good note this time around. After the success story of the pilot project in the city centre of Lusaka and being a Super Minister she did not need Mwanawasa to kick off anything! The project is already in motion!

As Super Minister, she does not need to run to the Executive, she already has enough powers vested in her to supervise the running of the councils, through the instruments of the local government. Now all the merits will be added to the curriculum of Mwanawasa and Maureen. When will these two be kept out of anything?

The 200 million Kwacha set aside for the exercise could have been put to better use, like that of repairing utility vehicles, procurement of industrial lawn mowers (let us do away with slashers), flower seeds and improving the irrigation system (repairing/replacement of the damaged feeder pipes supplying water to our city gardens (lawn patches at the roundabouts etc).

Most of this large chunk of money will just be wasted on fuel to ferry party cadres, food, cheap publicity materials, in short just another MMD fun fair, characterised by waist wrigling dances and hullabaloo !



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