Friday, June 29, 2007

UPND MP castigates PF Mpss over Chiluba

UPND MP castigates PF Mpss over Chiluba
By Chibaula Silwamba and Mwala Kalaluka
Friday June 29, 2007 [04:00]

OPPOSITION UPND Sinazongwe member of parliament Raphael Muyanda has castigated Patriotic Front (PF) members of parliament for suggesting that Parliament was coerced into lifting Frederick Chiluba’s immunity. And PF president Michael Sata has asked Kasama Central member of parliament Saviour Chishimba to apologise to Post editor Fred M’membe over his remarks against him.

Muyanda, who was reacting to Chishimba and other PF members of parliament’s assertions that M’membe and President Levy Mwanawasa were corrupt, said the removal of Chiluba’s immunity was done out of principle.

“It is an offence under the National Assembly Act to insult parliament. I was one of those MPs who voted for the removal of Chiluba’s immunity,” Muyanda said.

“There was no coercion, it was purely a matter of principle and he lost it genuinely.”

Muyanda said the London High Court had competently dealt with Chiluba’s cases.
“This is not the time to call M’membe corrupt, it is wrong and a misconception. M’membe deserves public honour together with The Post,” Muyanda said.

“Without the brave and gallant Fred M’membe and others, the world and Zambians at large would not have known how huge amounts of US dollars were stolen during Chiluba’s government.”
He said it was therefore sad that some PF members of parliament under the influence of tribalism chose to cry foul over a judgment that was self-explanatory.

Muyanda further said President Mwanawasa equally deserved honour over the manner he spearheaded the anti-graft crusade.

“I am not a job seeker. I am priceless but I would like politicians to respect President Mwanawasa for what he is doing. He has not only exposed corruption but is also prosecuting it,” he said.

And Sata asked Chishimba to apologise for his remarks against M’membe but not allegations that President Mwanawasa was corrupt, claiming that there was evidence to that effect.

Commenting on Chishimba’s attacks on President Mwanawasa and M’membe that those that criticise former president Frederick Chiluba should first remove the logs in their eyes, Sata said it was unfair that the parliamentarian dragged M’membe in the corruption saga.

“Members of parliament have a right in Parliament or outside Parliament to say anything, on one condition that they can prove it anywhere. Unfortunately, it’s not fair to draw M’membe in corruption saga. If M’membe is to be attacked, it’s on political bias. We can attack M’membe politically for his bias but it’s unjustified to attack him on corruption,” Sata said. “Sometimes he has been too hard on Chiluba and how he has handled the London High Court judgment on Chiluba.”
Sata asked Chishimba to withdraw his statement. “If our member of parliament hasn’t got evidence of corruption on M’membe, it’s better to withdraw the statement and leave the battle to Levy Mwanawasa,” Sata said.

He said Chishimba organised a press conference on his own.
“When Chishimba issued that statement, it was not on behalf of the party. What he said is his own,” Sata said.
Chishimba was not answering his phone yesterday. But Sata claimed that there was ‘plenty of evidence’ on corruption against President Mwanawasa.

“I can prove it. It’s very simple to prove,” Sata said. “There are so many things he has done bordering on corruption which we can prove.”
He accused President Mwanawasa of corruptly handling Chiluba’s trial.
“Mwanawasa went to Parliament over allegations which he made against Chiluba and up to today, not one single allegation he made in Parliament has Chiluba been indicted. Natural justice demands that the accused should be heard,” he said. “I have not seen a judgment where each day judge Smith issues a new judgment. These are things I quarrel with. I want Chiluba to have a fair trial.”

And Sata said ZCID board members were just after allowances.
“When you look at the majority of people on the board, they have no regular income. They are getting K300, 000 as sitting allowance so they can prolong the process,” said Sata.

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