Thursday, July 19, 2007

Guelleh applauds Pan Africanism

Guelleh applauds Pan Africanism
By Noel Sichalwe
Thursday July 19, 2007 [04:01]

DJIBOUTI President Ismail Omar Guelleh has said Pan Africanism can no longer be depicted as an unrealist dream of Africans. Speaking at a banquet hosted in his honour at Lusaka's Hotel Inter-Continental on Tuesday night, President Guelleh said Africans could now count on each other in a globalised world to improve the living standards of the people.

President Guelleh said Pan Africanism represented the unshaken determination for Africans to achieve what other countries and continents in the world have achieved.

"Let us be optimistic and realistic at the same time without losing focus on the daunting challenges we have," he said.
President Guelleh said the successful economic policies implemented in Zambia and good governance programmes could work for the benefit of Zambians.

President Guelleh said his visit to Zambia gave him an opportunity to share the experiences of poverty and poverty eradication programmes together with the development process.
He said despite his country being near huge financial markets, its geographic proximity did not help to improve the economy.
He said they had to create a conducive environment for private investment to improve the economy.

President Guelleh said his country had to take a business-oriented approach in reaching out to the huge financial markets to improve the living standards of the people.

And President Mwanawasa said since President Guelleh assumed office in 1999, he had managed to pacify his country after ending the civil conflict which was in Djibouti.

He said President Guelleh deliberately took inclusive measures to address the concerns of all the ethnic groups of Djibouti.
President Mwanawasa said Zambia was ready to learn from the experiences of Djibouti's economic success to avoid pitfalls.
He commended Djibouti for its initiatives undertaken within the framework of Inter-Government Authority on Development (IGAD) and the League of Arab States (LAS).

President Mwanawasa said as a peacemaker, Zambia was encouraging Djibouti to pursue the noble cause and the diplomatic course of action until the lasting peace was realized in Somalia.

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