Friday, July 13, 2007

(HERALD) Tsvangirai: You’ve failed in politics

Tsvangirai: You’ve failed in politics

EDITOR — I urge Zimbabweans across the political divide to please have the country at heart. I was shocked by statements made by Morgan Tsvangirai, who claimed that the price freeze is a Zanu-PF election campaign gimmick, the price reduction meant to benefit even his relatives?

Where are you buying your groceries Morgan? You know Morgie, you do not have to oppose just for the sake of opposing. Zimbabwe was liberated by its own gallant sons and daughters. That is why we are free today; we were not liberated by Britain or the United States.

We all know that Morgan not only fled the struggle but also travelled the world calling for sanctions that have caused untold suffering on innocent people.

But now we are pursuing home-grown solutions to solve the mess you Morgan invited upon us with your lackey politics.

Remember Zanu-PF yakakurera ukakura Morgan.

How dare you try to sell our country to foreigners? I am glad you failed, why don’t you just leave politics and try something else my brother?

You could try your hand at preaching the Word of God, since you once said you wanted to pray for the nation at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield.

Morgan, Zimbabwe doesn’t need an opposition party because there is nothing to oppose at the moment.

Surely, everything the Government is doing now is for us all and deserves our support.

I agree with you that some of your friends’ shops were ordered to reduce prices, which is why their shelves are semi-empty but very soon everything will be fine.

If your friends keep on closing their shops, I do not think that Zimbabweans will suffer because we can survive with what we have, no matter how poor we are, we can even reopen those shops on our own.

Those who do not want to comply with a legitimate Government directive must just close shop and leave the businesses to those with Zimbabwe at heart.

Let us work for our country Morgan and support Zanu-PF, the Government and the Reserve Bank in order to achieve our goals.

Let me also take this opportunity to tell the nation that if, by any chance, Morgan wins the 2008 presidential elections, I will commit suicide because there will be absolutely nothing to live for.

Mlilo Joyinani.


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At 7:16 PM , Blogger MrK said...

There must be better and more permanent and sustainable options to price controls.

Maybe shifting much of the country's internal trade to barter?

Which would save a lot on forex.

At 11:16 AM , Blogger The Radical Mindset! said...

What a stupid article!

Please visit my sites for brave expositions!


Rev M S Hove.

At 5:06 PM , Blogger MrK said...


What is your position on land reform? Is it true that the MDC will turn back land reform, and 'restore' land to it's former ownership?

An honest question.


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