Friday, July 13, 2007

LETTERS - Constitutin, US of Africa, Party Hopping

Constitution conference
By Humphrey Mwelwa Ndola
Friday July 13, 2007 [04:00]

In the recent past, the issue concerning the mode of adoption of our supreme law - the Constitution - has indeed left me in the cold. The role of the ZCID in the constitution-making process, issues unfolding from the ZCID summit and the Minister of Justice’s recent press conference have been very disappointing.

Disappointing in the sense that, during the Mung'omba Constitution Review Commission, the Zambian people spoke - and the mode of adoption highly prefered/favoured by the majority of us Zambians is a constituent assembly. But why are we being introduced to a constitution conference, which has never been a prefered in the Mung'omba Constitution Review Commission Draft Report as a mode of adoption. Why the constitution conference and not constituent assembly? Whose interest will the constitution conference serve?

Looking at various roadmaps presented concerning the constitution-making process, the major issue has been lack of financial resources. But I want to think loudly here : Where have we gotten the funds now even to finance the ZCID?

Our friends in the West have developed because they have put the wishes of their citizens as priority number one. Remember that this is not an academic exercise but something which is going to practically affect the lives of Zambian people. Abash constitution conference!

United States of Africa
By Lee Elias Tembo, Lusaka
Friday July 13, 2007 [04:00]

I wish to register my pessimism and concern over the intentions by certain African leaders to form a single government called United States of Africa.

The drive towards forging one African government as proposed has massive negative consequences if done in a hurry. Essentially, Africa is still a developing continent faced with several problems and big differences in terms of political and economic cultures.

Therefore, this implies that it will definitely prove difficult to aggregate the different political and cultural values of the 53 states that constitute the African continent. Hence, in my view, it is very difficult to accommodate and enforce a centralised executive which will speak one voice for the voiceless. Besides, the proposed formation of a single government requires a gradual approach coupled with maximum consultation with the respective people in all the 53 states.
Most important, the Africa Union (AU) which was formed five (5) years ago, and its predecessor the Organisation of Africa Unity (OAU), has failed to address serious problems that the African continent is faced with.

Sudan's Dufur region and the Zimbabwe crisis are just a clear signal of the Africa Union's failure to solve problems. Therefore, what guarantee do we have that this proposed formation of a single government will be able to deliver effectively and meet the people’s aspiration?
Over and above, I strongly feel that the basis of achieving a single and viable African government is through strengthening the regional economic communities such as SADC and COMESA.

By Oliver Haantanda
Friday July 13, 2007 [04:00]

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people reconciling whether in politics or indeed any other sphere as long as such reconciliation is true and brings general harmony and progress.

I however seem to have serious reservations with Kasonso’s insinuation that the editorial staff at The Post were wrong in raising serious questions about Nevers’ reconciliation with President Levy Mwanawasa. What is wrong with questioning unprincipled fellows?

Yes, as Kasonso rightly pointed out, politics is dynamic. But dynamism does not come with insincerity and inconsistency, let alone assumed dignity and integrity.

We may have different opinions but not to the point where we hero-worship individuals and throw caution to the wind. No wonder Zambians have been short- changed from time to time because of trusting thieves, conmen and unprincipled characters.

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I Wish to epress my heartfelt conndolences to ZAMBIAS soccer fraternity on the untimely death of NSOFWA CHASWE.The bereaved family should look to God as their only comforter.On the other hand l wish the CHIPOLOPOLO boys as they face BAFANA BAFANA.


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