Tuesday, August 14, 2007

(HERALD) Tsvangirai politically immature

Tsvangirai politically immature

EDITOR — I read your Saturday Talk, "Zim must see through Tsvangirai" (The Herald, August 11, 2007), with interest. Thank heavens, chickens are coming home to roost for the MDC.

This is what sound and progressive Zimbabweans have been saying for all these years, that Morgan Tsvangirai is not suitable, is not capable, is unfit and unqualified for leadership of any political office.

Now those in the MDC who thought they could tame a tiger that had tasted human blood into a domestic pet have found the task impossible.

The dirty Western lucre Tsvangirai has tasted makes it impossible for his allies to put a leash on him.

Surprisingly enough, some people, "one-man" organisations, fly-by-night groups and the so-called NGOs have been seen making a lot of noise that President Mugabe must talk to the leader of the opposition, Tsvangirai, who cannot even have meaningful dialogue within his own party with people subordinate to him.

Why should the President waste his time talking to such an ignoramus, an intellectual midget, kadhiidhi (that tiny bird) as he has even described himself?

Tsvangirai is equally tiny in political relevance, that’s why the President insisted that he wants to speak to the MDC leader’s principals, not a mere puppet.

Now Gabriel Chaibva talks with some semblance of Zimbabweaness in him, but as the damage was done a long time ago, can they be able to repair it?

We have got the so-called Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, all the sanctions and the rubbish that is routinely peddled by their Western masters. The Chaibvas of this world should stand up to that if they are more enlightened than Tsvangirai.

Cad Mash.


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