Saturday, October 20, 2007

Levy's successor

Levy's successor
By Editor
Saturday October 20, 2007 [04:00]

The talk or search for President Levy Mwanawasa’s successor is necessary but can be dangerous both to the ruling MMD and the country at large, if not controlled. And it is good that Levy has finally shown interest in playing an active role in as far as the choice of his successor is concerned. A few months ago, Levy merely talked about what he thought should be the attributes of his successor.

He asked the MMD to look for a man or woman of high integrity with good morals, someone who detests corruption. As he said this, Levy didn’t seem to be so interested in getting involved in the process of ensuring that a successor with his preferred attributes is found and enthroned.

This was going to be suicidal because there is a shortage of men and women of the kind of attributes as those outlined by Levy. Levy will have to dig deeper to find a person that will answer to his prescribed attributes of a successor.

This is because the MMD currently seems to be home to most of the dubious characters that are fighting to gain political power in order to protect themselves. Most of these elements are like the eyes that cross a flooded river; they long for things that are beyond their reach.

However, Levy should be objective in his search for a successor because this successor will not be running his personal businesses, but the country. So if Levy is a farmer and is President, it will be illogical for him to insist that his successor should also be a farmer.

We hope Levy made this statement to illustrate a point that if he hates corruption, his successor should also hate corruption. Otherwise, Zambia will be lumbered with a farmer who has no idea about running a country.

Levy has to do a thorough search for a good successor. Some of the people offering themselves as good candidates for the job are as glossy as the appearance of a wild apple that is bitter inside. Levy should remind himself continually that appearances are deceptive, and that not all that glitters is gold.

However, in saying this, we are not in any way suggesting that MMD has completely no men and women of high integrity and good morals as prescribed by Levy. This is because we realise the fact that a log may stay in the water for a long time but it will not turn into a crocodile. Someone who abhors corruption will not succumb to temptations, in the company of the corrupt people.

What we are saying is that such people are so overshadowed by corrupt and dubious elements in the MMD that they might not be seen by naked eyes. That is why it is good that Levy has taken interest in ensuring that a good successor is found.

And we hope Levy is taking that interest for the good of the country; not his own good.

We say this because it is common for most African leaders to choose puppets for successors. This country does not need puppets for leaders. It requires men and women with independent minds and capacity to deliver for public good, not personal good.

Of course, the choice of a successor or a leader in any political party can be controversial and divisive. It can divide the political party involved; it can even divide the country.

We saw how the MMD was divided in 2001 when Frederick Chiluba picked Levy as his successor. That is why a lot of care must be exercised in finding Levy’s successor. This should not be allowed to get to levels where the whole country starts to feel the heat from those fighting to succeed Levy.

The infighting for Levy’s successor that has rocked the MMD should be checked before it affects the way the party in government is to deliver national development. It is actually surprising that this talk about Levy’s successor started even before Levy took oath for his second term in office. And today, things seem to have worsened.

The pulling and pushing between Griver Sikasote and Lameck Chibombilimo in Kasama where Levy is visiting is about nothing but Levy’s successor. It looks like people are ready to slaughter one another over this matter.

But is this necessary? In fact, this should be an indicator that all these characters who are pulling and pushing to succeed Levy are not suitable candidates. They want to ascend to power purely for personal reasons but under the guise of a strong desire to serve the nation.

It should be remembered that a person should be born for the role of king, not to fight for it. A king is born, not created. Natural leaders are born with leadership qualities.

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At 9:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zambians wake up. Why are we allowing LPM and the post to choose a president post LPM. Its not acceptable.
It looks like zambia has lost its glory forever. No fuel and high fuel prices and nobody complains. ZESCO can take power and everyone will keep quite. I quit to be a Zambian

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