Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mangani urges MPs to lobby for development

Mangani urges MPs to lobby for development
By Christopher Miti
Monday November 26, 2007 [03:00]

CHAIRPERSON of members of parliament from Eastern Province Lameck Mangani has challenged his colleagues in the province to take keen interest in lobbying for development. Reacting to chief Madzimawe’s accusation that some members of parliament in Chipata were doing nothing, Mangani who is also Chipata Central member of parliament and Lusaka Province minister urged his colleagues to make well calculated moves to their constituencies in order to foster development.

“A mere visit by an MP to the constituency cannot bring development but MPs should ensure that they make well calculated visits that can help foster development, what is important is to see that development is trickling into our areas,” Mangani said.
He said that members of parliament from the province were scheduled to meet on Saturday to discuss developmental issues.

“We are meeting today (Saturday) to discuss a number of issues concerning the province because we want to see how we can coordinate and attend to problems affecting our constituencies,” Mangani said.

Luangeni member of parliament Angela Cifire asked her colleagues to remain focused on development.

“As members of parliament from Eastern Province, we sat to chart the way forward because we want to see development in our area, so we should remain focused all the time,” Cifire said.

Chipangali member of parliament Vincent Mwale said words from chiefs should be taken as an advice.

“I normally become tongue tied to comment on what chiefs say but I would take what the chief said as an advice,” Mwale said.
Three weeks ago chief Madzimawe accused some members of parliament in the district of doing nothing.

Chief Madzimawe said members of parliament should not hide in ministerial positions for them not to visit and foster developmental programmes in their respective constituencies.

“At first we gave them time to settle but now one year has passed there is nothing on the ground. They should know that time for honeymoon is gone, when you talk to them they say they are supposed to get permission from the President but they should not hide in that,” chief Madzimawe said.

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