Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhuttho Assasinated

Benazir Bhuttho Assasinated

This is a very sad day, not only for Pakistan, but for the world.

Benazir Bhutto killed in attack

Benazir Bhutto killed in attack at rally,,2232459,00.html

Official PPP website


On the e-mail she left behind:

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At 5:36 PM , Blogger Chola Mukanga said...

A very sad day indeed.

Difficult to know who is responsible - so many dark players on the chess table.....

The obvious players will be mentioned...but we must also not forget those that prefer the gambit....

At 6:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course nobody will know the true perpretators before long years would pass :

The CIA has been behind many assassinations using puppets: Saddam Hussein, Osama Ben Laden ( ), Pinochet who made the putch against Allende (recent official declassified archives) so don't look too far away ... ennemy of Democracy is inside manipulating appearances.

At 12:31 AM , Blogger MrK said...

Everything is pointing to Musharaf himself.

- Bhutto sent an e-mail that should be read posthoumusly if she was assassinated. She points the finger directly at Musharraf.

- The town she was killed in, is a stronghold of the Pakistani army. Musharraf, as a true dictator, is still very much in charge of the Army, even though he 'officially' resigned as head of the army.


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