Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chiluba is vindictive, charges Mahtani

Chiluba is vindictive, charges Mahtani
By Amos Malupenga
Tuesday December 18, 2007 [03:01]

CHILUBA is still vindictive and bitter about my restoration after he tried to destroy me in 1997, Mahtani Group of Companies executive chairman Rajan Mahtani said yesterday. Reacting to former president Frederick Chiluba’s recent statements urging the government to clarify rumours that there were instructions for some parastatal companies and government ministries to divert business from ZSIC and Zanaco to Professional Insurance and Finance Bank owned by his group of companies, Mahtani said he was aware that Chiluba was on a mission to pull him down.

Mahtani said Chiluba had on two occasions in the recent past made adverse comments and unprovoked attacks on his person.

“This is most disappointing, painful and hurtful and attach a stigma to my character and integrity,” Mahtani said. “Despite having been close friends and brothers in Christ, it is incredible that the former president, when in office, chose to incarcerate me on false and trumped up charges of treason cognisant of the fact that such an offence was not bailable, his master mind concocted a charge in order to ensure that I was incarcerated. Can he explain to the nation why he chose to incarcerate me and link me with the 1997 coup attempt and Captain Solo?

“Why was he so vindictive? Is this not the action of an evil dictator? Can this be construed to be an action of a person who respects human rights, democracy, rule of law and fair play? Is this the reward that you give to a friend and brother in Christ?”

Mahtani said the grave injustice caused to him, his family and operations by Chiluba were premeditated and deliberate with the intent of taking his life with impunity and ruining all his businesses he was associated with. He asked whether or not Chiluba honestly believed that incarceration in Zambian prisons on false and malicious charges was a reward for an innocent friend.

“Does he have a conscience over actions that proved abuse of office by virtue of power or does he claim drug inflicted amnesia?” Mahtani asked. “Does he believe in the empowerment of Zambians or in the contempt of pulling everyone down for his own benefit or desires?”
Mahtani said he had chosen to follow biblical principles in forgiving Chiluba because he vehemently believed that vengeance was not his but the Lord’s. He said although he kept silent for these reasons, he was requesting Chiluba to at least be serious in his Christian faith.

Mahtani said he was a living testimony of the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ which has kept him and his family through very trying times.

He said he would remain indebted to the legal team that obtained his complete discharge and release, following the trumped-up treason charge against him. He said that team was headed by President Levy Mwanawasa and his wife Maureen, George Kunda, Stephen Malama, Robert Simeza, Alfred Roberts and Keith Musaba.

“I am convinced that former president Dr F.J.T Chiluba remains vindictive and is bitter over my restoration,” said Mahtani.

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