Thursday, April 10, 2008

(HERALD) West must leave Zim alone

West must leave Zim alone

EDITOR — I am shocked by the South African and Western media’s fixation with Zimbabwe. Day in day out they have headlines on Zimbabwe as if there are no problems in their own countries. Talk about ‘‘Mugabe rigging elections’’, ‘‘Mugabe making life difficult for Zimbabweans’’, ‘‘Mugabe not releasing results’’, ‘‘Mugabe this’’, ‘‘Mugabe that’’.

They must give us a break.

Why are they not talking about the excesses of the Smith regime, if they care so much about human rights? Why are they turning a blind eye to George W. Bush’s maiming of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why are they not talking about Somalia and Darfur? Why are their eyes on Zimbabwe every time as if there are no real trouble spots in Africa, and elsewhere? It is evident they hope to prop Morgan Tsvangirai’s ambitions to head the Government.

In all honesty, do these people honestly believe that Tsvangirai, given his numerous shortcomings, can lead Zimbabwe better than President Mugabe has done? All Tsvangirai wants is to line his pockets. His Obama-like sentiments must not hoodwink us, Morgan is More? More what?

More sanctions, more Western influence, more plunder of our resources, more puppet politics? I do not see any other MORE that can come from Morgan. Tsvangirai must never forget that he fled the struggle when Zimbabweans much younger than him braved it out in the bush to liberate this country.

President Mugabe was leading that struggle while Tsvangirai was safely ensconced in the Rhodesian compound at Trojan Nickel Mine. Zimbabwe did not come on a silver platter and it can never be sold on the same platter.

True Zimbabwean.



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