Friday, May 23, 2008

LETTERS - FRA, South Africa

FRA's delayed payments
By Concerned citizen
Friday May 23, 2008 [04:00]

Food Reserve Agency payments leave much to be desired. It is important for FRA to realise that farmers invest a lot of money, the little that they save, in lobour and farming inputs. Transporters also spend a lot of money in servicing their vehicles, paying drivers and taxes to ensure that they transport the crop in time.

Last year, farmers supplied their crops to FRA as per specifications and within purchasing period. Transporters also did their job as per contract agreement. But FRA failed to pay most farmers and transporters in time.

It is disappointing to disclose that most 2007/2008 transporters contracted with FRA have not been paid their dues to date. FRA should realise that these people have to pay the bills, school fees, pay their drivers and they need to eat. Keeping them with "promissory notes" for more than seven months is retrogressive.

We don't need the President to get into this mess. FRA must clear these people. Is the Angency bankrupt?

South Africa violence
By UNZA students
Friday May 23, 2008 [04:00]

As youths of Zambia, we wish to express our utter displeasure over the recent hounding and killing of foreigners in South Africa.

It is a pity that in this 21st Century, our fellow youths in South Africa still believe that violence can provide solutions to their problems, and we condemn this display of violence in the strongest terms possible.

We are saddened by the burning and beating to death of fellow human beings on the mere ground of being foreigners perceived to be the cause of increased crime and unemployment in South Africa. It is also very unfortunate that most of the victims of this violence are Zimbabweans who left home to seek refuge from economic hardships in their country. What will the international community think of Thabo Mbeki, who is currently mediating for peace in Zimbabwe, when his own people seem to perceive violence as the way to solve problems?

The teachings of people like Lucky Dube and Mahatma Ghandi, who advocated non-violence in seeking solutions to challenges, do not only need to be appreciated but also upheld. Fellow Zambian youths, let us pray for peace in Africa and the entire world.

Familiar, Jonathan and Alvin,

Ungrateful S/Africans
By Concerned citizen
Friday May 23, 2008 [04:00]

Allow me to comment on the recent spate of violence against foreigners (or Makwerekwere, as the natives refer to them) that has rocked South Africa. It is saddening to see these people treat their fellow Africans in that manner.

The problem in South Africa has to do with civic education. It might be helpful to remind black South Africans that the freedom they are enjoying today was achieved through the sacrifice of other neighbouring countries. Zambia, through the relentless efforts of Kenneth Kaunda, did so much for South Africa during the apartheid era. However, it appears South Africans have no idea about some of these facts.

I have heard arguments from people trying to blame Mugabe for this. This does not justify the killing of our innocent brothers and sisters. Then comes the issue of the World Cup in 2010. I think this will adversely affect the credibility of this event being hosted in the Republic of South Africa.

I find it hard to believe that our brothers and sisters are doing this to fellow Africans.

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