Thursday, August 07, 2008

Scott warns Chishimba of political bruises if he dares to challenge Sa

Scott warns Chishimba of political bruises if he dares to challenge Sa
By Allan Mulenga
Thursday August 07, 2008 [04:01]

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) vice-president Guy Scott has warned Kasama Central member of parliament Saviour Chishimba of severe political bruises if he dares to challenge Michael Sata for the presidency. Commenting on Chishimba's declaration that he will challenge Sata for the PF presidency at the forth-coming party conference, Scott said Chishimba was learning politics the hard way and lacked leadership qualities.

"...Ha! ha! ha! You can quote me like that because Chishimba wants to learn politics in a hard way. He is jumping in a pool when he doesn't even know how to swim. But let him go ahead and he is welcome to the school of hard knocks," he said.

Scott said Chishimba should have consulted widely before declaring interest in vying for the top leadership position of the party.

He said looking at the magnitude of the party presidency, Chishimba should have first weighed himself to see whether he would have the mandate of party members in an event that he decided to contest the position.

Scott said Chishimba was not prepared for the battle he was associating himself with and would therefore come out bruised.

"Chishimba has a lot of things to do before he starts eying for the party presidency. He was supposed to put himself in order and do some ground work before declaring interest," he said.

Scott observed that Chishimba had no support to guarantee him success in the competition.

He claimed that the electorate in his constituency did not vote for Chishimba as an individual but voted for PF and party president Sata.

"People in Kasama did not vote for Chishimba but they voted for PF and Sata. If Chishimba stood on another ticket, he would not have been elected as MP because people in that area know that he lacks leadership qualities and morals," Dr Scott charged.

He said the PF was a democratic party and that they would not bar any member from vying for any top leadership position in the party.

Asked whether the 'rebel members of parliament' participating in the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) will be barred from contesting any party positions during the forth-coming conference, Scott said members of the central committee would soon call for a meeting to decide on the matter.

"Well, they are welcome but as at now, we have to consider it as a special case because the members of the central committee will make a decision. The good part of it is that we are not like MMD who have banned discussions on succession in the party," said Scott.

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