Friday, September 19, 2008

Ngondo hosts Milingo's traditional wedding

Ngondo hosts Milingo's traditional wedding
By Christopher Miti in Chipata
Friday September 19, 2008 [04:00]

SCORES of Chipata residents last Sunday converged at All Peoples Congress (APC) president Ken Ngondo’s Mbaula Farm to witness Emmanuel Milingo’s traditional wedding with Maria Sung. The ceremony started around 11:00 hours and ended around 17:00 hours. Chiefs Mnukwa, Chinyaku and Maguya were present at the function.

Other notables were the host, Ngondo, Kasenengwa MMD member of parliament Vera Chiluba Tembo and former Chipata Central FDD member of parliament Mathews Mwale.

Chief Mnukwa said the purpose of the ceremony was to let the people of Eastern Province know that the couple was still together.

“It was a simple function but there were a lot of people who came to witness. Many people spoke and I also spoke at the function. We hope people may benefit from Archbishop Milingo’s contacts because people in rural areas are lacking boreholes and a number of things,” chief Mnukwa said.

He said Paramount chief of the Ngoni, Mpezeni was supposed to attend but could not make it due to other commitments.

When contacted, Mpezeni said he was aware of the ceremony.
“He archbishop Milingo told me about the ceremony because we met when he came to senior chief Nzamane’s palace last Friday,” Mpezeni said.

Kelvin Nkhoma, a Chipata resident who also attended the function, said it was characterised by the Ngoma dance and that archbishop Milingo and his wife were clad in traditional attire.

“It was a normal traditional wedding and the couple was being shown the relatives and they were putting it that all the people of Eastern Province are Milingo’s relatives. At some point archbishop Milingo joined in the Ngoni impis’ dance,” Nkhoma said.

He said archbishop Milingo urged the people to work hard and that they should not rely so much on politicians.

Nkhoma said archbishop Milingo said politicians were there to supplement the people’s efforts in development.

But when contacted to confirm reports that he was host to archbishop Milingo, Ngondo charged that The Post had become another big opposition political party in Zambia.

Ngondo said the issue of Milingo was private.
“There is nothing we can discuss. Your paper has become another biggest opposition political party so we can’t discuss anything because whatever we are going to discuss will be on the negative side,” Ngondo said.

He said it was sad that The Post had concentrated on attacking Vice-President Rupiah Banda whom he described as his brother.

When reminded that Vice-President Banda was not part of the discussion, Ngondo responded: “Still more there is nothing I can discuss with you as long as you remain a Post editor Fred M’membe boy. Forget.”

Ngondo also said he had stopped buying The Post but that he buys other papers.

“Your paper is just attacking Rupiah although he is not answering but you have continued attacking him. That’s why I buy all the papers but I don’t buy your paper now,” said Ngondo.



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