Friday, September 19, 2008

(TALKZIMBABWE) Matonga wins leadership award

Matonga wins leadership award
Our reporter
Thu, 18 Sep 2008 13:34:00+0000
Bright Matonga

ZIMBABWE’S Deputy Minister of Information and Publicity, Bright Matonga has been awarded leadership award by South Africa’s AZWI Development Agency.

“The advisory council on behalf of Azwi Development Agency has nominated Hon Deputy Minister Matonga to be the recipient for the year 2008. This is the fifth annual award, and these awards of excellence include: business, art, education, leadership, art, music, entertainment, culture, literature, sport and media.”

He will receive the award in South Africa next month.

Matonga, who spoke to the Zimbabwe Guardian this morning, described the award as “a great honour” and said he would accept the award on behalf of the Ministry of Information and Publicity.

“I am humbled by the award which I dedicate to the whole team at the ministry (Information and Publicity) who have worked hard to defend Zimbabwe’s sovereignty and the right to self-determination,” said Matonga adding that “the challenges we faced in the past few years needed strong-willed people who are unflinching in their resolve.”

Matonga said “as we enter the new phase in the development of the country we should realize that only Zimbabweans can decide what is good or bad for the country.”

“The land issue still remains very key in Zimbabwe and all Zimbabweans should realize that it was the land question that led to Chimurenga wars (the Liberation wars).”

Azwi Development Agency was formed in 1996 and focuses on Land and Land Development. The company acquires land for the landless in South Africa and runs housing schemes for civil servants.

It started giving awards in 2005 in Pretoria and has so far recognized the works done by the Premier of Limpopo Mr Sello Moloto among other notables.

Land reform remains one of the most onerous challenges facing "post-apartheid" South Africa. Many black South Africans feel the land redistribution process is not going fast enough.

South Africa had to increase delivery fivefold to meet the target of transferring 30 percent of land to black people by 2015. Only 4 percent, or slightly under, of agricultural land previously owned by whites has been transferred as of 2008.

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