Saturday, October 25, 2008

It’ll be a scandal to have a mediocre president like Banda, charges HH

It’ll be a scandal to have a mediocre president like Banda, charges HH
Written by Lambwe Kachali in Mwinilunga
Saturday, October 25, 2008 10:20:12 PM

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has charged that it will be a scandal for Zambia to have a mediocre president like Vice-President Rupiah Banda because he was just poached from the farm.

And UPND vice-president Richard Kapita threatened that there will be no peace if the October 30 presidential election is rigged in favour of Vice-President Banda.

Meanwhile, UPND North-Western provincial coordinator Patrick Kangwa said the province has rejected Vice-President Banda because he does not inspire confidence in them.

Addressing a rally at Mwinilunga's Freedom Square, Hichilema said it was shameful that Vice-President Banda at his age could be seeking the presidency of Zambia.

Hichilema, who consistently referred to Vice-President Banda as ba malume [uncle], said neighbouring countries would laugh at Zambians if they elected an old and finished politician like Vice-President Banda. He said there was nothing Vice-President Banda could offer Zambians except to perpetuate and accomplish his unfinished selfish political business.

"You people, don't you get angry when these old politicians continue to deny you good education, health, clean water, better roads, and better future for our children. Doesn't this pain you?" Hichilema asked. "Personally, my heart bleeds when I see majority citizens suffering while only a few in government have developed huge tummies at the expense of taxpayers' money.

This is why I want to change things once you vote for me. It will be a scandal and a taboo for Zambians to elect an old politician like Rupiah Mubwezeni Kumudzi Banda. I believe you are now tired of mediocre leadership and you want better life for your children and the generation to come."

Hichilema told the Mwinilunga residents that once elected as Republican president, he would revive the pineapple industry, which was once a source of employment for the local people. He said he would also ensure the road from Mutanda to Mwinilunga via Zhembe into Angola was tarred, as it would boost trade between Zambia and that country.

"Your vote for Hakainde will put hydro power station for you here, your vote for Hakainde will revive the pineapple industry which will create jobs for our jobless youths. Let those who have failed to create jobs be voted out and allow us to deliver to your expectations," he said.

Hichilema said he forgave Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata for calling him a calculator boy, saying Sata did not know that Zambia was in a global village where a Republican president required being knowledgeable enough in order to attain the required development.

"A president should live in the light and not in the dark like Mr Sata who doesn't understand how a country's economy should run. You need a president who can articulate issues and convince leaders of developed countries on matters of national interest," Hichilema said.

Earlier, business in Mwinilunga came to a standstill when Hichilema arrived in the town. Thousands of people trooped to see him, as they raised UPND symbols while chanting party slogans and singing anti-MMD songs.

"Mu chikasa, mu chikasa [on the hand, on the hand]," chanted UPND cadres, while others chanted, "we want change."

The flow of traffic was also affected as residents ran in all directions to catch a glimpse of the UPND leader. When Hichilema arrived at the venue of the rally, police had a tough time to control the crowd. In Solwezi, the situation was the same, as UPND cadres could not mind the flow of traffic. Thousands of residents matched and chanted UPND slogans all the way from Solwezi Airport to Kaunda Square, the venue for the rally.

Addressing the rally, Hichilema said once elected all the mines in North-Western Province would be compelled to give contracts to local companies as opposed to the current situation, where he said the mining companies were in the habit of giving contracts to foreign companies.

He urged Solwezi residents not to vote for Vice-President Banda and Sata whom he said wanted to satisfy themselves before the people of Zambia. Hichilema also said it was unacceptable for Zambia to keep relying on imported food and yet the country had vast land.

“If this situation continues, one day they will import poisoned food. When I come to power, for the first three years, farmers will be given free subsidised fertiliser and seed. By so doing, we will reduce the cost of production, the cost of food and consequently the cost of living,” said Hichilema.

And Kapita urged the people of North-Western Province not to be cheated by local government deputy minister Benny Tetamashimba whom he described as a political failure. Kapita also warned MMD that once elections were rigged, there would be no peace in Zambia.

“It has been a habit in Zambia that when the election is rigged, we keep quiet. When MMD steal our money, we remain quiet, when there are no jobs, we are quiet, and when there is poverty we remain quiet. This time the situation will not be the same. If Rupiah and his MMD steal this election, I want to warn them that there will be no peace,” warned Kapita.

“Tetamashimba is deceiving Rupiah that he is controlling the entire North-Western Province. This province does not belong to Tetamashimba and on October 30, Tetamashimba will believe that Rupiah and MMD have no support here.”

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