Friday, November 28, 2008

(DAILY MAIL) Local contractors irk Namulambe

COMMENT - Why are the rehabilitating STADIUMS?? Do they have too much money? How about building roads and USEFUL infrastructure?

Local contractors irk Namulambe

PRESIDENTIAL Affairs Minister, Gabriel Namulambe told Parliament that Government acquired funds for the rehabilitation of Independence Stadium in Lusaka but the local contractors bids were prohibitive.

Namulambe said on Wednesday that local contractors were charging as high as K400 billion for the construction of the grand stand.

Contributing to the motion on the second report of the committee on Government assurances, Namulambe said Government wanted to empower local contractors but they were a disappointment.

Namulambe who is former Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development, was disappointed that when Government advertised the bids for the rehabilitation of the stadium, the bids by some local contactors were as high as K400 billion

He said other local contractors’ bids were K260 billion and yet the construction of the ultra modern stadium in Ndola by the Chinese would only cost K210 billion.

He also said Government spent K200 billion on the rehabilitation works at the Konkola Stadium in Chililabombwe.

“When Zambian contractors are bidding, we should think like Zambians because this infrastructure is for all of us. The local contractors should be reasonable as they make these bids,” Namulambe said.

He was however confident that the facility would be ready before the 2011 All-Africa Games.

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