Friday, November 21, 2008

(HERALD) Venezuela, Zim sign co-operation deal

Venezuela, Zim sign co-operation deal

CARACAS. Venezuela and Zimbabwe have signed a co-operation deal to strengthen ties in energy, agriculture, economic and social affairs and culture, a government statement said here on Wednesday.

"These agreements reinforce and strengthen relations between the two countries, south-south co-operation and the opportunity to grow and advance together," said Reinaldo Bolivar, Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister for Africa.

"Zimbabwe is a country with excellent natural resources and very rich in minerals," Bolivar added. Venezuela has in recent years upped its involvement in Africa and has ties with all 54 countries on the continent.

"Venezuela provides great assistance to our country through donations made through the World Food Programme," said Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Brazil Cde Thomas Bvuma, who signed the deal. A few years ago, President Mugabe visited Venezuela and met his counterpart President Hugo Chavez. The two leaders discussed possible co-operation in the energy and agriculture sectors among others. — AFP-HR.

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