Saturday, November 22, 2008

Olympic Milling to build hydropower plant in Kawambwa

Olympic Milling to build hydropower plant in Kawambwa
Written by Nchima Nchito
Saturday, November 22, 2008 9:29:49 AM

LUAPULA Province acting permanent secretary Clement Siame has said Olympic Milling Company is expected to construct a 218 mega watts hydropower plant at Lumangwe Falls in Kawambwa district. In an interview, Siame said Olympic Milling had been chosen as a prospective developer of a hydropower plant at Lumangwe Falls.

“This is enough to power the entire Northern, Luapula and Central provinces,” he said. Siame said Luapula Province was currently receiving only about 15 mega watts from the national grid.

“This has hindered the nature and magnitude of investments that we receive in the province. But with the Lumangwe Falls power plant becoming operational, we will see more investments coming into Luapula,” he said.

Siame also said the 218 mega watts that Lumangwe is expected to produce once the construction of the power plant is completed would also assist in mitigating the countrywide power shortages.

“As of now, Zesco has to transport power all the way from Kafue Gorge to Luapula Province. This is expensive for the company. Lumangwe could solve this problem and perhaps even have enough power to export to neighboring countries,” said Siame.

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