Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sata vows to deal with Sampa Bredt, Sinyangwe

Sata vows to deal with Sampa Bredt, Sinyangwe
Written by Noel Sichalwe
Saturday, November 29, 2008 4:24:31 PM

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata yesterday vowed to firmly deal with his members of parliament Reverend Sampa Bredt and Faustina Sinyangwe for indiscipline. Sata said this when he addressed cadres that gathered at Lusaka High Court grounds to hear the case of over 20 members of parliament who had applied for an injunction to restrain the party leadership from expelling them for attending the National Constitutional Conference (NCC).

Amid cheers from his supporters, Sata said the party would deal with Chawama member of parliament Rev Bredt and Matero member of parliament Sinyangwe now that his lawyers had argued their case.

Sata said the supporters should organise more buses to ferry people to the High Court on Friday next week when the matter would be heard again.

Earlier, PF cadres assumed the responsibility of screening people that were entering the High Court in the absence of adequate police officers.

However, at a later stage, police officers took over from the cadres and told them to remain outside while the case was being heard in chambers.

In an interview after the court hearing, PF lawyer Mathew Pikiti said they had successfully argued to restore the matter to active cause list and that the affected MPs’ lawyers did not object to the issue.
Pikiti said they had also argued that the injunction needed to be disposed off since it could not remain forever.

He also said the lawyers added more merit to the case but that the affected MPs were not ready and asked for more time before they could respond.

The matter has since been adjourned to December 5.
However, six PF members of parliament on Thursday discontinued their case against Sata and secretary general Edward Mumbi.

The members of parliament who have since discontinued the matter are Obius Chisala [Chilubi], Samuel Chitonge [Mwansabombwe], Christopher Mulenga [Chinsali], Lazarous Chota [Lubansenshi], Alfreda Mwamba [Lukashya] and councillor Steven Chilatu.

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