Thursday, December 11, 2008

(TALKZIMBABWE) Zim solution remains political and indigenous‏

Zim solution remains political and indigenous‏
Miles Mudzviti - Opinion
Thu, 11 Dec 2008 00:26:00 +0000

DEAR EDITOR – I will not need to restate here the conditions as they are within Zimbabwe presently, save only to say that these clearly now more than ever press for cooperation and structured resolution of the many challenges we all face in order to extricate the general population from the nightmarish existence that has become the daily life of ordinary Zimbabweans and give succor to the starved and the sick.

It is within this reasoning that we must point out those who continually and habitually shift positions, effectively holding many to ransom, now seemingly stand in the way of social and political transformation in the collective effort to make a substantive, sovereign and indigenous democracy possible.

This is the time, and no other, to acknowledge that, recognizing our political and ideological differences as parties, we are united by the patriotic responsibility of contributing progressively and effectively to the search for stability, certainty and progress for our nation and our people.

We should all be brought together at this juncture, as Zimbabweans and Africans, by the realization that conditions now threaten to reach levels (perhaps arguably have done so already) that would dramatically affect all of us and the region's stability that is essential for long term development prospects.

Whilst I have previously acknowledged the obvious difficulties inherent in the task deriving from the programmatic differences within the respective parties, and do so again now, we should consider it our duty to work towards creating the political, social, economic and international conditions that will sooner, rather than later, halt and reverse the decline.

The solution to our problems remains political and indigenous. Irresponsible and inane calls for vague and uncertain actions at this time do not help Zimbabweans at all – not one bit. Those who continue to make those calls against the spirit of September 15 should be told as such in no uncertain terms.

The time is now for those who wish to make it clear to Zimbabweans of their intention for service to the people, and maintain their relevance to the scene, to come out and make steps to repair the fissures that have become pervasive across the political landscape and lay the ground for a recovery of the now untenable conditions across the board, especially if they know they hold the key to some far away coffers that bring with them relief.

To continue to stay away from the obvious sufferings of Zimbabweans in the circumstances obtaining, and only making passing appearances here and there is an utter disdain by those who should be standing with them and difficult to ignore.

Within these conditions that have precipitated the declaration of a national emergency, we call on all the political, social and economic forces in the country to participate in an effort that all Zimbabweans have the duty to undertake in favour of the nation, and indeed by extension, the region's peace, stability and progress.

We would go further to suggest the formation of a special committee made up of the representatives of ALL political parties and civil society designed to guarantee and provide follow up on the implementation of the agreement in order to assure a realization of its purpose because it is paramount.

Having previously heard statements to the effect that "failure is not an option", we would really rather see firm action now than hear empty rhetoric. Let us get stuff done because Cholera does not wait for us – he kills still! And the ultimate responsibility lies with political leadership of all parties for failing to bring to fruition the peoples’ hopes for transformation.

Miles Mudzviti
Yorkshire, England.

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