Friday, January 23, 2009

Rupiah asks Korea to help rehabilitate NCZ

Rupiah asks Korea to help rehabilitate NCZ
Written by Lambwe Kachali
Friday, January 23, 2009 7:09:20 AM

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda yesterday appealed to the Republic of Korea to help rehabilitate Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ). And Korean Ambassador to Zambia OH Jae-Hack described Zambia as Africa’s most successful example of political stability and sound economic development.

Speaking when he received letters of credence from Ambassador OH and Russian Ambassador to Zambia Boris Malakhov, President Banda said the government was keen to encourage development of joint venture business in every sector of the economy.

President Banda said he was pleased to note that Korean Resources Corporation (KORES) had begun to partner with Zambian miners as a means of enhancing cooperation in the sector through exploration, prospecting and mining.

He said he looked forward to seeing partnerships so that the mining sector could become accessible to more Zambian mining business houses.

“However, I would like to make an appeal to your government to consider investing in the agricultural sector, which is critical to the economic development of Zambia. In particular, my government wishes to rehabilitate our only fertiliser plant, the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia which is vital for the provision of cheaper fertiliser to peasant farmers throughout the country,” President Banda said. “I am aware that Korea has the appropriate advanced technology to rehabilitate this plant and I wish to appeal to your government to consider this strategic plant as a viable project.”

President Banda also said he was eager to help remove the sources of conflict in the southern African region so that other countries could enjoy peace like Zambia.

“My government has therefore, pledged to play a proactive role in peace building and conflict resolution in the region through diplomacy,” President Banda said.

To Ambassador Malakhov, President Banda expressed gratitude to the Russian government for offering training programme to Zambians.

“Many of the Zambians who have been trained in Russia in various fields now hold prominent positions in this country and are able to influence the direction of development in a positive manner,” President Banda said.

And Ambassador OH said Korea looked forward to working with Zambia in its efforts to further achieve economic development by sharing developmental experiences.

Ambassador Malakhov said Russia appreciated the role Zambia was playing in promoting peace and stability in Africa.

“Having been on diplomatic services for more than thirty years, I was assigned in many countries and visited quite a number of African States as a member of foreign minister’s delegation. But this is for the first time when I am an Ambassador to one of the most friendly and beautiful African countries,” said Ambassador Malakhov.

President Banda also swore in Simon Kachimba as labour deputy minister.

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