Friday, May 15, 2009

(NEWZIMBABWE) Mugabe shows off martial arts black belt

Mugabe shows off martial arts black belt
By Lebo Nkatazo
Posted to the web: 14/05/2009 17:39:19

THE next time you criticise Robert Mugabe, watch out because the Zimbabwean President now has a BLACK BELT in taekwondo.

The 85-year-old veteran leader showed off his 6th Dan black belt after meeting officials from South Korea in Harare on Wednesday.

Mugabe slipped into his taekwondo uniform, strapped his black belt and clenched his fists in a fight stance with his Korean guests – delegation leader Tiger Kwon and Colonel Kab-Shik Shin at Zimbabwe House.

The state-run Herald newspaper published a front page picture of the President in taekwondo gear on Thursday. But if anyone feared the Zimbabwean strongman still had some fight left in him, those worries soon eased as the paper reports that the black belt is only HONORARY.

Mugabe’s black belt is a sixth degree rokudan. A Dan is used to mark the level of black belt holders. In Asia, many arts use between one and ten Dan ranks.

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