Thursday, October 22, 2009

(HERALD) Penalise sanctions’ advocates

Penalise sanctions’ advocates

Editor — I wish to contribute to the current constitutional debate in Zimbabwe. Many developments have taken place since the last constitution-making process took place in 2000. There were no sanctions then.

The current process is taking place in a period of hard-hitting sanctions imposed on the country by the West, at the behest of the MDC.
Efforts to have them removed have failed.

We had pinned our hopes on the inclusive Government but Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai failed to have them lifted when he travelled to Europe and the US, in spite of the fact that he was the one who canvassed for them.

I therefore urge all the people of Zimbabwe as they write the new constitution to consider inserting provisions that bar persons, organisations and political parties from calling for the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

These measures should be crafted in such a way that it is a criminal offence to call for sanctions against the country.

We have a situation where someone who openly called for the sanctions — which hurt the innocent majority — walking scot-free on our streets.

It surprises some of us when those that called for the imposition of the sanctions continue to mislead the people to believe they cause no harm when the very streets of Zimbabwe are littered with debris from the carnage caused by sanctions.

We should therefore make it a law that people who cause such suffering should be penalised and stopped from participating in our politics.
I would be happy to hear what your readers say about this.

Clement Pasipamire.

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