Friday, November 06, 2009

Cuba will continue fighting to unmask US hypocrisy – Fidel

Cuba will continue fighting to unmask US hypocrisy – Fidel
By Larry Moonze in Havana, Cuba
Fri 06 Nov. 2009, 04:01 CAT

FIDEL Castro has said Cuba will continue fighting without rest unmasking the infinite hypocrisy and cynicism of the United States. And Fidel on Tuesday mourned the passing of Carmen Nordelo, the mother of Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo one of the Five Cubans in US prisons.

Hernandez is serving two terms of life imprisonment plus 15 years for alleged espionage. Carmen died on Monday after a long illness.

“We will not just lay flowers on the grave of Carmen Nordelo,” said Fidel in his message of condolence. “We will continue the fight without rest to free Gerardo, Antonio, Fernando, Ramon and Rene, unmasking the infinite hypocrisy and cynicism of the empire, and defending the truth. That is the only way we can honour the memory of the legion of mothers and women like her in Cuba who have sacrificed the best and most precious in their lives for the Revolution and socialism.”

Fidel condemned US President Barack Obama’s administration for freeing Santiago Alvarez Fernandez-Magrina from prison for terror activities against Cuba including being in possession of military weapons, explosives and other materials meant for terrorist attacks on Havana.

“It is impossible to lay a flower on her Carmen coffin without denouncing, once again, the repugnant cynicism of the empire US,” he said.

Fidel said another atrocious news was the official signing of the agreement by virtue of which the United States was imposing seven military bases in the heart of South America.

He said those bases in Colombia threatened not only Venezuela but also all of the peoples of the central and southern part of the hemisphere.

“It is not an act by the George W Bush government; it is Barack Obama who signed that agreement violating legal, constitutional and ethical norms, when the fruits of the disastrous yanki military base in Palmerola, Honduras, are still being exhibited to the world,” Fidel said.

He said the military coup in that Honduras against Manuel Zelaya was carried out under the President Obama administration.

“Never have the Latin American peoples of this hemisphere been treated with greater contempt,” Fidel said. “A country like Cuba knows very well that after the United States imposes one of its military bases, it leaves if it likes, or it remains by force, as it has done with Guantanamo for more than 100 years. There, it set up the hateful torture centre whose dungeons, with numerous prisoners, our brand-new Nobel laureate President Obama has not yet been able to eliminate.”

He said the US used the war on drugs as pretext to the bases in Colombia.

Fidel said just like the terrible scourge of paramilitarism, it emerged from the gigantic US market for cocaine and other drugs.

He said American military bases in Latin America emerged long before drugs with interventionist purposes.

“Cuba demonstrated for half a century that it is possible to fight and resist,” said Fidel.

“The President of the United States is wrong, and his advisors are wrong, if they follow that sordid and contemptuous course with the peoples of Latin America. Our sentiments, without any hesitation whatsoever, are inclined towards the Bolivarian people of Venezuela, their president, Hugo Chavez, and his Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denouncing the despicable military pact imposed on the Colombian people, one with expansionist clauses that its authors have not even had the courage to publish.

Cuba will continue cooperating with programmes for health, education and social development in our sister nations, which, despite the obstacles, advances and setbacks, will be increasingly and irreversibly free.

As Abraham Lincoln said: “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

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