Thursday, November 05, 2009

(HERALD) We’re tired of MDC-T antics

We’re tired of MDC-T antics

EDITOR — Ever since MDC-T "disengaged" from the inclusive Government more than 10 days ago it’s still not clear even to the top leadership as to what they want to achieve with this move which President Mugabe attributed to the party’s reliance on "little emotional" rather than rational thoughts.

I came to this conclusion after Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T spokesperson, was at pains to explain what MDC-T’s "disengagement" from Government means.

Chamisa, who had an interview with a local journalist, was incoherent and equally confused as he was quoted as saying: "We are not disengaging from the Government. There is no pullout from Government because we are Government ourselves. It is impossible for one to pull out of ourselves."

Then can the party please explain to the layman on the street in plain Shona, as we cannot talk of English what to "disengage" means? The party is not attending Cabinet meetings and the Council of Ministers where I am sure Government business is discussed and direction as to the operations of the ministries is given. On the other hand, Chamisa was quoted as saying:

"Our ministers are going to their offices and executing their duties diligently as ministers of excellence."

Can MDC-T please stop insulting the intelligence of the masses, more so their supporters who indicated that the party should stay in the inclusive Government during their consultative meetings.

Which takes us back to the question of whose interest are those in MDC-T serving as reports are that a day before making the decision to ‘‘disengage’’ Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC-T leader, met with officials from the US, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, France, Norway, Switzerland, Holland and Australia, who overwhelmingly pressured him to announce a "collapse of the inclusive Government".

People are tired of MDC-T antics, which for a long time are exposing their naivete and gullibility, which borders on the ridiculous. There seems to be no exceptional strategic advisers to this embattled party as time and again they have found themselves in the deep end when they can’t even swim.

MDC-T leaders should be told in no uncertain terms that these childish antics will not move Zanu-PF, a party of seasoned politicians, to give in to the regime change agenda.

Susan Chipanga.

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